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Being playful...   Search "heel"   I don't have an issue with installing with adhesive and nail but always worry about nail removal damaging the heel when I need to swap out the worn tap.   I have found taps made by griffin   which have a staple and have better luck with adhesion/removal.   Best of luck
I have run across some incredible deals at Lands End for donegals and flannels.    I have a pair of slacks in my sights but, in the matching blazer, they only have either 44L or a 48L for me to choose from. I am a perfect 46L.    Of course, with either, I'll need some deep tailoring. With most everything I've purchased from LE (even from their tailored line) in a 46L I've had to get taken in along the body to create the correct silhouette.    My question:...
I've played with the sleeves on this several times. I had them longer but as I increased my cufflink collection I began shortening my jackets.'s like an old friend.    I'll stand down. I knew honesty would come quickly on this forum.    Thanks
My apologies for the graininess but here is one pairing       The blazer with grey flannel (flat front, of course)
I have a beautiful tailored blue wool pinstripe suit jacket that has just lost its slacks. I'm not one to mix suits but I am not letting this jacket go.    Due to this, I've pretty much decided I'm going to pair it with grey wool slacks and let my self confidence handle the rest.    Most here in Atlanta will figure it's totally acceptable simply because I'm wearing it with such a look of purpose.    This said, I'm here asking for your thoughts.   How...
I'm not selling these. These are deals I scored.   Nevertheless, I will do a search for ebay deals won.    Cheers
Sorry...wasn't aware.
I'll share a bit more...           COLE HAAN MEN'S CARTER WING TIP LACE-UP OXFORD BROWN GRAIN 13 MEDIUM           Mezlan Chelsea Boots Near Mint Condition Mens Size 13D   and this one is the biggest steal of them...
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