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 Agree the pic looks accurate to the one I have. It wasn't quite what I expected but I like it more than I thought I would. Really great color + the MOP buttons against the shirt look awesome.
Awesome, $75 seems very fair for that. Hopefully I get around to it in January.
 Can you give a few more details on the $75 trial jacket? I tried searching your website but didn't see anything--order through email then? I assume this trial jacket consists of you making a jacket to our specifications but just in cheap fabric/construction. You send us the trial jacket then we give you adjustments for the final product?
Just an FYI you can tell Luxire to prewash the denim before cutting so you don't have to worry about shrinkage.
I see most people wear the same size in Carmina rain as they do in C&J 348. Can someone comment on the width differences of these lasts?
Wow those look better with jeans than I expected. Do you mind saying the price through Carmina?
 Love the different options. So if I do one bespoke pair for $750 (+ iterations) will my future shoes be $450 since the last is already made?
@luxire so are you taking shoe orders now? I forget who posted about it but it seemed to take a few iterations to get one of the initial shoe orders sized correctly. Will this be a part of the process going forward or are you making the final pair off that initial foot tracing that we do?
Damn that custom B6 is cool. I assume the shearling is an extra charge?
I've never been a lizard/crocodile/etc fan on shoes but damn those have changed my mind. Was that an MTO or what?
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