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Don't have any use for it but it really is one of the cooler fabrics I've seen.
I don't know, I'm a 42 with 17.5" collar and large fits very well.
Love that natural ecru linen--perfect summer pants.
Subscribing... boots >>>>>>>>>>>> shoes
 That's kinda what I was getting at actually. I'm 6'3" and slim and tried a large on (different model) and it was short, billowy and had short arms. Was pretty bummed as they have some beautiful sweaters. Maybe I'll try some different models in the future.
How tall are you Newcomer?
 I started putting "No collar stays" in my notes for this very reason. Threw a bunch of them away recently too.
Damn, thanks.
@Epaulet any idea when you'll be getting more 36s in the natural Horween CXL casual belts? They sold out within days of the last shipment, been waiting patiently for them to reappear since  Tempted to order the 34 and see if it'll work. I'm normally a 33 or 34 in pants but I don't own any epaulet pants so not sure in your sizing.
 Hmm I don't think I've ever had mine loosen or fall down.
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