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 Got mine a couple days ago. Just as lovely in person but still not sure how I'm going to wear them...
 Such a great color. Would love to see in the wild pics if you have any.
 I think you may have looked at the wrong one? Unless the camera is playing tricks on me, second from left in the back row is not snuff suede. 
@Ironist reddish chukkas back row second from left?
@RogerP I had the same problem with some C&Js. Watch this video and try it out. Now I tie all my shoes like this and pretty much never have a laces problem.
Anybody know where to find these Trickers olive boots? Looked at several online stores that sell Trickers but no luck.  
 What boots are these?
Subbed. Good start so far...
 What collar is this?
Jeeze that foot drawing puts mine to shame     I'm getting a pretty simple chukka modeled off the Crockett and Jones Tetbury but in a color they don't offer and I modified the throat area based off a different chukka that I like. Can't wait to see it!
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