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 I emailed the Cheaney factory ~2 weeks ago specifically asking for the FS029 and never got a response  
On your website you mention in several Aero descriptions that CXL steerhide is an option but I haven't seen it brought up in this thread. Can you talk about the steerhide options a little bit (weight compared to the different horsehides, colors available, how it ages, etc)? Thanks.
Can you list all the colors you have available in the Italian horsehide? I've seen several in this thread but it's hard to keep track. Would also like to know if there's some I haven't seen yet.
Two consecutive Luxire orders have been wrong for me, pretty damn frustrating. Same exact issue too. In both cases I purchased pants in a fabric that I owned the swatch of and both pants were made in fabrics completely different from the swatches. The jeans I received today are dark navy and the swatch I have sitting here for the "same" fabric is a grey/steel blue. Double checked my order and everything. Blah.
Crat,   Jacket details?
I'm trying to understand the leather quality on your custom Aeros and Vansons. Am I correct that the default (steerhide?) leathers are top grain, whereas the upgraded Horween FQHH and Italian HH are both full grain? I assume all the CXL is full grain? Thanks.
Holy shit those pants are awesome.
My two favorites so far are:   AE Long Branch though they discontinued the color I like the most (Brown Waxy). The AE pictures (as usual) are pretty bad--Google Images has better ones. And they come with two pairs of laces if you dislike the red ones.   C&J Islay thanks to dieworkwear. I like these more but doing some research has really made me prefer a commando sole over Dainite which is what these have.
Thought C&J boots would be more expensive, looks like they do have some that fit what I'm looking for. Like yours a lot by the way, pretty much what I want. Thanks.
I'm looking for a dress(ier) boot that can handle a decent weather beating (snow, slush, rain). I'm picturing a Commando/Vibram sole, storm welt, scotch grain (or some type of tougher leather) in a mid-brown wingtip under $500. Haven't had any luck. Any suggestions?
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