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Ordered 10.5, thank you!
Rain last. And that's 11.5US for the Nike Dunks in case that wasn't clear.
 Damn those are amazing! I know I asked you before and you recommended taking the same size as Nike Dunks (11.5 for me), but reading the sizing section makes me want to order a 10 (9UK Carminas fit me great). As those are two very different sizes, any advice?
@EP Dylan are those FC high sneakers going online soon?
Agreed. I'm really excited to see more truly unique fabrics being released. 
 Worked off pictures. I don't want to speak for @luxire but ideally they'd nail the 348 last on my boot and then others like yourself could reference my order number for future orders (similar to referencing shirt/pant order numbers).
 .75" difference. The Tetburys are a little longer than ideal so I asked for a .5" increase in the next Luxire boot.
Received my test pair of boots last week. When I first put them on they were super tight but I forced myself to wear them out and they quickly got more comfortable. I'm making a few minor measurement changes and tapering/lengthening the toe box for the next iteration. Below are two quick pictures comparing the Luxire boots (tan) to C&J Tetburys which is what they were modeled off of. I don't think Luxire quite got the sleek last that I asked for but hopefully the next one...
Has anyone ITT posted reviews/pictures of the calgary boots (either option)? I've been going back and forth on them since they were released.
@Carl1955 Nice. Are those black or dark brown?
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