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 I'm pretty sure you can't order a trial jacket without ordering an actual jacket along with it. So I ordered a 3-piece suit recently and added a trial jacket (via Additional Services) for an additional $75. That should be here soon-ish I'd think and then I can adjust measurements and they'll get started on my suit. But I already paid for the suit along with the trial jacket.
 Haha I mean I'd be shocked if he didn't but I don't work there so I'm not going to put words in Mike's mouth.
That estate blue sport coat is so sexy. I might have that exact one made up after my trial jacket arrives (hopefully) soon.
No guarantees but I'd shoot them an email. Decent chance they refund you the difference.
@FrankCowperwood are those the bull hide boots? Either way, how do you like them? Have any better pics? I've been flip flopping on those boots for months now. Love the unique look, just don't know how much wear they'd really get.
Any chance epaulet ever offers MTO jeans? The colored jeans sound awesome but button fly has always been a deal breaker for me 
@Leaves do you think "mid brown with slight burnishing" is an accurate description of Carmina's vegano brown? Been looking at a bunch of pictures and sometimes I see burnishing and sometimes I don't...
I'm sure it's been discussed but a quick search failed: what is the general consensus on going from the 348 last (Tetbury) to 238 (Chelsea 3)?
 This sounds nice. Have a picture of the calf that you're thinking of?
 Love that color but no thanks. Pretty set on a mid-brown calf Chelsea as my next boot.
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