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I get jealous every time Gerry posts that suede jacket 
Appears to be a bag maker IMO. 
 The only button down collar I use is the standard Luxire one. Just about perfect in my opinion; I do specify medium lining though (may not be necessary for oxford, most of my shirts are linen). 
@stephenaf2003 is that the Zonkey blue suede Chelsea in the background? Should post pics if so, that thing is so cool. 
Wow that new last is a huge improvement. I've been close to buying multiple epaulet boots but never loved the rounded last (it works on trainers though). That rust suede might have to be my first Jodhpur. Would prefer grain calf for another pair. 
Well I just learned how to pronounce epaulet. I wasn't even close...
Mike,   Is a grey/olive/brown mix a pretty accurate description of derby? Hard to discern from the pics. 
What color are people doing for the waffleknit cardigan? I want something super versatile but not too boring (like charcoal... no offense to anyone getting charcoal). I'm waffling between mocha, pacific blue, and derby (though I'm not even sure what color derby is). 
 Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but search this thread for @StanleyVanBuren. He had Luxire copy the bottom of epaulet's shirts. 
Do you guys line your Minnis fresco pants to the knee?
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