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Hmm that link worked for a minute, now it's not...
Do you have pictures of the horn vs wood buttons?
^^ perfect summer shirt. Regretting skipping that sale...
If anyone got a light blue sweater in large they don't want I'll be happy to buy it for $30.
Cinnamon and Cassat for me. I've been trying to talk myself down to one but I love both so fuck it.
 That is going to make one boss sport coat. I have those pants and they're my favorite--such a cool color.   I will never understand button flys, absolute deal breaker for me. There is no aesthetic benefit and they are more of a hassle, what is the upside?
 If your question is something along the lines of "can Luxire do [something] to this piece of clothing?" the answer is always "yes." To your first question, it depends heavily on if they stock that fabric or not. Jacket could easily be 4-6 weeks by itself and more if they have to order the fabric (that's a total guess though, ask them).
@Epaulet any chance of you posting pictures of the different heirloom color options or do we have to wait until the 18th?
Anyone own the blue static mix? Trying to decide if I could wear it with blue jeans or not.
@MacGuffen I know you're requesting some changes, but do you expect to wear your test pair in addition to your final pair? I had no idea the test pair is potentially fully functional---pretty cool if so.
New Posts  All Forums: