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Luxire,   Do you have access to any speckled fabrics like this one? Thanks.
 Hell no. Capitalism FTW.
Definitely need to post more pics of that jacket. Looks awesome.
 Out of curiosity I looked up a couple definitions/explanations of bespoke tailoring. Not one mention of it having to be in-person or requiring "many measurements" whatever that means. And Luxire certainly adds their own house style to things (like the lining on the pants I got recently, which was awesome btw). Either way it's kind of a stupid semantic discussion. "The distinguishing points of bespoke tailoring are the buyer's total control over the fabric used, the...
 If you could post pictures and/or a review that would be greatly appreciated. I recently asked Luxire to get me some leather swatches for a jacket I want made.
Really like that casual shirt Beatlegeuse posted. Anyone else have some good casual fabrics (plaid, madras, checks, etc) that they love?
 Interesting, I like it in theory. Post some pics when you receive the shirt. I got rid of gauntlet buttons on my casual shirts for similar reasons--sleeves are always rolled up (unless worn under a sweater) so no use for them.
 I don't know anything about Molloy & Sons but those fabrics are god damn beautiful. Don't really have use for one unfortunately.
+1. My most recent trousers were perfect. Have another pair on the way.
Still available? If so, could you post the back length? Thanks.
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