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 Aficionados must enjoy sweating more than I do. Where can I see the lighter weight options?
Luxire,   Any plans to release lightweight jeans in the 8-10 oz range? Just got my first pair from you guys (13-14 oz, look great besides me being an idiot and messing up one measurement), would love a lighter weight pair though.
thebrownman,   Mind giving me the order number and what things you specified on those jeans? Like them a lot--very similar to what I'm looking for (simple, straightforward jeans basically).
 Thank you, those look awesome. Does anyone own the 14 oz dark indigo or the 13 oz dark indigo stretch? Would love to see better pictures of each before I pull the trigger on some new jeans.
I'm American and my first order took ~4 weeks. Next two orders were here in a week or so. Email info@viccel.us.
 Thanks. You didn't answer if those pictures are the 14 oz indigo or not?
 Is that the 14 oz dark indigo? Can you wash the material before cutting the jeans so I don't have to worry about shrinking?
Meh. Luxire's response certainly isn't good but I mostly agree with them (though they should respond in a nicer way clearly). If I didn't think Luxire could unstitch and restitch a garment of mine I wouldn't have them making my clothes in the first place. They're a bespoke tailor FFS.
Harrington looks awesome. Actually saved that post for future use as I've been thinking about ordering one.
ats,   Thanks for posting, gotta love awesome customer service.
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