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St James II in Polo suede are amazing. After my bespoke are delivered (like 3,5 months from now) and I have financially recovered.. I'm going Polo suede St James II
They are 73 with E width   Bought them in HK at
My St James II
Posting a pic of my Hoves.    Only 4,5 months until the d-day.  
Really agree with everyone. I work in the financial industry and I very seldom wear black shoes to grey or navy suits.
Are these St James Vintage Cherry? Do you use black vax on the entire shoe after the Hermes red cream? Mr Gaziano recommended me to use Kiwi Dark Tan on the Vintage Cherry leather.
I'm going for something like this:     But Vintage Pine and brogues across the toe
Just back in Stockholm after a day in London.    Met with Dean and Tony at 12 Sawile Row. Tony took my measurements and then we discussed for a while.. Then I decided. Now the 5-6 months wait will be a challenge.   A wonderful experience!!
    Those are pretty unique..
Hi all   I'm Elfsberg. Male born 1966 with wife and two kids. Live in Sweden and work in the financial industry. I'm a keen photographer, Starcraft 2 player and sour-dough baker.   I'm also a Gaziano&Girling freak.       
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