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Thanks.. They will feel like putting on a sock
Promised some pictures of my bespoke G&G's   At first fitting did they look like this:     Daniel went back and worked some more and sent me below picture last night.   They looked like this before final touch:       Received another picture today... After magic touch from Tony:       I think they look amazing... Shipped today.. Can't wait to try them on again.   If you guys want... I can post some more pictures showing the...
Just got a text from Daniel at G&G... My bespoke shooooz are ready... Ships Tuesday at the latest..  Muhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhaha
My St James II  
What sizes on the RTW? Coming to SIngapore next Monday.. Might drop by and have a look
Sharing some pics on my Gaziano & Girling bespoke. Pictures from the first fitting session:      
Two more pics on my bespoke:      
yes.. Still some work to be done
My first Bespoke. Fitting is done... Now its just to wait. Picture by
It will open in October... Really looking forward to it. Will buy all the 10,5 (e and f), especially Grant in Vintage Oak and a pair of black St James II
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