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The fit its unreal.. It feels like putting on a sock.. I can go macro on them and post some close-ups               This one is now my new wallpaper  
Well.. the thing is that I just booked a meeting with them whilst in London and we discussed and the only thing I was sure of was whole cut and not black. Tony presented some ideas that we tweaked a bit. The color is Vintage Pine Calf and the last is tg73. I've instructed them to go rough on the antiquing..
What details do you want?
Thanks.. Did the measurements in May 2012, fitting in October and now they are here. 
Its a matter of taste I guess.. Personally do I think that nails simply just look better... no other reason
I actually went for another solution. If you look carefully can you see that I went for nails instead of metal toe taps.. 
They are bespoke
Ok... Now I'm home and as promised... tam ta dam... I give you... The Ceremony       Lets unwrap this package and look inside       They are well taken care of and wrapped in super nice little soft shoe bags         Right?     It smells fantastic and I am taken a little moment here..      "Daddy wants to be for himself a little time"       Final ones         Now I'm just walking around in...
More pictures will be posted. I actually haven't tried them yet as I'm away from home... But my daughter sent me this picture today..       Will try them on this weekend   /E
Oh that is unknown to me. From what I understand though is it a polish done with enourmous speed (read machine) that actually burns the leather. I can be totally wrong here, but I can ask them
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