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St James II in Vintage Cherry are fantastic. Enjoy them
He he... I'm stalking him
Nothing to see... Just my name printed on both shoe trees 
Thanks.. I'm much more interested in photography than shoes ;-) I'm using a Canon Digital SLR. I struggled with the light as there isn't that many hours that we actually have natural light this time of the year. I can talk forever about photography..    BTW - The shoe trees have my name printed. That's nice. /E
They most certainly do :-D
May 2012 - Jan 2013
It's kinda nuts from the start.. but.. having shoes like this.. made to fit your feets... Its worth 3 MTO any day of the week.. 
Thanks.. Now I'm going to lick my wounds for a couple of years...    The thing is that during the process did I doubt my own judgment in periods. Now, when I have them.. I praise myself for going for it. Shoes made exactly for you is something completely different than MTO or RTW and if I could.. I would never go back.
Ahhhh.. Really nice.
No.. Ordered it from the horses mouth.. Did the fitting at Skoaktiebolaget though
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