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Part II   Hove - Vintage Chestnut, MH71   From The Armoury in HK    
As promised... will now start uploading my G&G collection..     Starting with Gable, Vintage Oak, MH71    
No...They don't offer hollowed (or even hallowed) shoe trees..would be nice though, but weight=reliable.
Always travel with G&G lasted shoe trees. I guess you can put socks and other things in the shoes while traveling, but I believe my G&G's actually feel much better with their close friends joining the trip. :-)   For short trips (one night away) I go with one pair (even if I hate using the same shoes 2 days in a row). Longer trips I normally bring 3 pairs and 2 pair of shoe trees.     The luggage is much heavier nowadays.    /E   P.S Currently in...
I had them on while helping in the stable :-)   Looking outside... I doubt they will touch outside soil until April something
Silent here during this weekend..   I cheer you up with a picture    
Thank you very much
Sinatra's are nice
  Hmmm let's see...   My Bespoke pair St James II in Vintage Cherry Hove - Vintage Chesnut Gable - Vintage Oak Oxford and Sinatra - Black Calf Westminister - Vintage Rioja Camebridge - Vintage cedar   OMG.... I've spent a fortune on this..
I have a pair.. here's a pic of the best looking G&G's
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