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Thanks... I've been using them for a while now and they just look better and better :-D
Yep.. Will fix that. 
Part III   Sinatra, Black Calf MH71. Purchased March 2012
Omg... Those St James in suede is amazing! Congrats!
Wow!! Now.. thats a polish! Now you learn how to do that and tell us
Ahh.. A trunk show will be difficult to resist
I sure do.. Might be a solution :-)
  Maybe so... but they will be mine one day... Muhahahahahhahahahahahha    I think they are by far the best looking MTO's in the entire catalogue of G&G 
I've been looking for the Deco's a while. Will keep just looking for a long time, but how is the fitting compared to MTO's? I am drooling over these puppies:  
Thanks...   Will continue.. next weekend I will go black 
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