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I hope to see you all in Denmark since Noma has been nr. 1 since 2010!   If you get a chance to eat there you'll among other things eat carrots fromm the west of Jutland! The restaurant serves classical nordic food with a twist - a bit boring I think :-)
    To remove this we used "rensebenzin" (I think it's called white gasoline or something like that) in the army. I still use it to remove old layers of polish. It's very effective! Dap some on some toilet paper and move it in circles and you'll se the paper get burgundy/black colored. When it's all colored use a new paper and keep working in circles to remove it.   When you've finished let it dry for 24h to make sure all the gasoline have evaporated from the leather. The...
    I too believe that many thin layers is the secret to a nice shine that will last! I also want to add that if you use lots of water in the end like I do, please blow the droplets away from the shoe hence these will dry out and cause stains on your nice mirror shine.   And you asked about the neutral polish. I've used it since I also heard it would improve the glass effect. I couldn't tell the difference.   
Finally a nice weather in Copenhagen! My father and I went to shoot clay targets this morning and after that we went fishing. Lovely sunday! Greetings from Denmark.
    First I cleaned the shoe with a brush, then I applied a layer of regular black kiwi shoe polish over the entire shoe and buffed. I then applied approx. 3 "thick" layers to the toe and buffed.  Then I usually use women's stockings with some cotton wool stuffed inside and then I "grind" the toe. Just to get a really plain layer with polish and to avoid the polish to clump.  When this is done I use an old t-shirt and I just spit shine until there's no pores showing. If...
Here's just a quick before/after photo. This took approximately 1.5 hours. As Lear suggested, use an old pair of shoes to practice.  You should be aware that mirror shining will block the pores in the leather and prevent the leather from breathing. This can be hot in the summer - that's my experience.   
  In my time in the Royal Life Guards (Denmark) we would get a note for these scratches (5 notes equals a fine of apox 100$). To get rid of these small scratches we used small cotton pads, lots of water and veeeeery lille polish! And change the cotton pads often. To finish we used to breathe on it and use that with the water. I'll spit shine a piar of shoes soon and post :-) regards  
    When I was in the The Royal Life guards I spit polished my boots to be ready for use every third day guarding the Queen. If we had a boot that looked like this we would get a note ( 5 notes equals a fine of approx 100$). To avoid this we used small cotton pads and lots of water. Lots of water should only be used in the end. And use veeeeery little polish. This should do it. I'll spit shine some shoes and post :-)   Regards, Philip
    Dear all,   this is my very first post. I've enjoyed surfing this forum for months and reading your posts. I've learned a lot and it's nice to see people who care about minor details in their look and behaviour. And that's also why I finally need to post! It's a shame this gentleman has such bad nails.. He should try not to do this.... It's a bad habit!   Kindly regards from Denmark, Philip
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