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great photo. thanks for sharing. congrats. the shoes look great.
Stunning.I have 10+ year old whiskey monks from ebay. I call them my ravello monks.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.the boots are on trubalance for leffot. maybe antique, but on the darker side.
sweet boots morgan. good lord steven tran. the boots are keepers for sure. unless theyre 10d I will not spoiler the awesomeness great week dubs. orange is the new black. I will not spoiler the awesomeness.
that's because they're the true king.great shoes. killing it donl, as usual. they have been worn, likely indoors. no biggie if you got a nice discount and plan to keep them. disappointing nevertheless. so good uncle mac. so good. great ptbs sir.
cigar wednesday landscaper's back.
that's all you had to say...that's awesome.
Wow spoo. That is amazing. Ridiculously underpriced is a relative term. I wonder what I would have done had I seen that at 90% discount.
I dream of replying to these off color messages and correcting their spelling... I never do.
Would love a pair. I'll email them and get in line behind Sazon for that size.Lwb.Nate humble from alden will be at the unionmade sf store this Thursday.Can someone go talk to this guy and pitch him our wish list...1. #8 grain shell lwb. They've done it before, #8 is easy for them to get and work with.2. freaking double monk3. Fill in the blank folks...
New Posts  All Forums: