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it was quiet at work and i could hear the shell pieces squeaking as i walked. my boots were talking!!!   whiskey indys second wear  
cigar x harrison ltd.
saddles x j.crew
@chrisefi So good. One of Aldens best for sure.
amazing boots and pants sir.outstanding boots so cool. frans boone does brass right.sweet boats. i love crepe soles. [[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. 
cigar x epaulet
Thrift-ish.Second hand store, $10 a piece.Store manager told me they came from a gentleman who passed away.....Did not creep me out, would have bought more if I had a chance.
got lucky today. n/a       kept hoping to find a quindici in the pile, not that lucky.
great combo sazon!
and that's the best boots i've ever seen. well done.great looking tankers. you can always cheat the rotation and wear these twice as much.bulls fan? 90s? hated the knicks?yes sir. my alden addiction is the 3 reincarnation of my 90s nike air jordans addiction.  [[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.
New Posts  All Forums: