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Sweet boots steel. The #8 anatomica boots and photos are very tempting. wearing mine today to scratch that itch.Thank you sir.RRL slim fit selvedge black tar wash, first wear. Denim's more copper than I expected.
ravello x anatomica (+ nice heel detail)
thank you ben. your grant shell boots are killer as well.great combo donl. [[SPOILER]] that's so awesome and so mean.thanks dubs. i guess i know what i'm wearing tomorrow. fantastic loafers. thanks for the kind words ironclad.
Prez, Both are very nice. I can see why you would let a pair go. How do you plan to wear them? The ct looks more formal for trouser pairings. The pt would go better casual.
ravello ct, first wear  
@mdubs killer boot lineup. i like the grant boots. 
Great combo today dubs. The ravello color is excellent.I wouldn't roll or cuff, I don't like extra fabric covering up alden shell.
sold out in about 10 seconds
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.looks like the all-star game starters. you have my favorite saddles there. i love family pictures. thanks for sharing.very nice shade of shell sir. i love my pair as well.
Holy crap mike. So glad I kept my 2 pre-orders. Impatiently waiting for your email, I'll take one of each sample as is.
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