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#8 ct boots x j.gilbert  
thank you rtp. i'd be happy if all my aldens had commando soles.fantastic donl. love the pant - marcolianis - ravello combo.true to size for megreat ptbs, combo, and shine dubs. well done. great color on your lwbs.outstanding sir. love the boots.i like these. may order a pair next time.your boots are 
Thank you ironclad. They're from leffot. Commando is my favorite sole. The epaulet pants are a pretty sweet.Thanks dubs. One of my favorite shoes.Great boots dubs. i want a pair.@ptaylor23 welcome to the show. Alden lwbs were my gateway drug as well. Yes, some people add taps. our good friend Sazon comes to mind.
ravello ptb and ep rivets  
Size matters. (That's what she said) Shade matters. I would expect $600 - $650 for my 10d
I tend to dress more casual. I would keep the nsts.
ep monday in windy san diegocarmina green shell and walts. [[SPOILER]]
zr0e, Thanks for sharing your story. I can't imagine having those boots for years and not wearing them. Ravello from that era would scratch that itch, but that's some serious self control. For me, it would be like buying a fresh roll from Cinnabon and not eating it. That's a good analogy because Alden #4 is exactly like Cinnabon, look it up. Best of luck with your boots.
^ deer bone
thank you my friend. was lucky to find them on ebay a few months ago. they're from 2012, a very good year for cigar. thank you for your kind words.
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