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Merry Christmas my Styleforum friends. I hope you have a wonderful time with your families. May all your shell dreams come true next year.
fantastic boots and collection sir.#4 nst boots in that condition is more like a Christmas miracle.     
@ClassyCanuck nice boots sir. i no longer use reno or any other product. damp cloth and brush. a little alden natural boot cream if necessary once or twice a year. 
amazing boots my friend. great to see you posting shoefies again.
fantastic sir. 
outstanding shell and shine sir. well done.
Great boots today gentlemen. Ravello Friday should be a thing.
I wear Barrie size 10d and use large Alden shoe trees. Large is the way to go.
sneakers. thanks Uncle Maci've always liked these. would try a pair but fear they'd overlap with my cigar lwbs.yours look fantastic. [[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.Winning trifecta. Great colors and condition. love this.thank you Uncle Mac.great cap toes this week Uncle Mac. Ravello - medallion are stunning.leffot. i have both, wear the tankers twice as much.what @ReppTiePrepster said.my goodness sir...will ask my wife to include this photo in our...
ravello sw x leather soul  
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