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sweet looking boots.i heart this photogreat loafers chip.
@SpooPoker yes, you have unicorn grade alden boots. sleek last, discontinued shell color, and low production number. i sold my lindricks when these arrived. best of luck with your auctions this week.   cigar x ls  
Fantastic RTP.
5 months of regular wear, even brush them clean periodically....$500 boots....Completely unacceptable.
^ hideous, poor stitching and odd proportions... What size and how much do you want for them?
Fantastic loafers. Truly legendary.Great to see you posting again sir. Classic boats, you wear them well.Thanks, the tankers are really nice.I did borrow my poetry from on of our more recent American masterpieces.
You are more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!
@Fueco  i am very sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing. i will hug my little girl a little tighter tonight.
whiskey x leffot
congratulations sir.dear lord!!!!! freaking fantastic.barriebrassvello looks amazing. that blue combo is killer as well.
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