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Try your barrie size, 1 down will not work. I have 1/2 down and tts, I prefer the latter.
Great looking cigars sir. Lovely color and shine. So nice to see you sharing your pictures regularly again.
@mdubs Great write up about aoc. Can't wait to read some more. Sweet cigar Indys as well. @zippyh Love ravello nst boots. You wear them well.
Jou Can't buy them even if you have the money.
Congratulations on your new baby girl.
edited to add facts.fact 1, it is more likely for me to meet the chinese president than for me to get a pair of 4x4 nassau.fact 2, i will be looking for faded red pants.
thanks. not ep, vintage find.
great looking boots and daring combo.i had a chance to see mike's cigar bals when new, the code number may say cigar, but i call bs (brilliant shell).i cant believe how nice these are. solid don.let me guess, cigar again...great chukkas dubs.great boots, love the direct sunlight.
Good lord dubs, just awesome. That color is great, my black (cigar) ct boots are jealous.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. 
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