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@mraza Unfortunately, that's the Alden welt finish. The boots are expensive and should look better out of the box, but they won't. Consider yourself lucky if your previous pair had acceptable welts. The welt issue will not get worse or affect the boot at all. I honestly wouldn't send them back for a replacement. Only send them back if you don't want that particular model anymore. Cxl indys crease and patina more than shell does. This model may not be for you if scratches...
ep halloween stingrays and orange rivets  
Thank you sir.I bought these on eBay, and have no retailer markings. I'm guessing they're from the 90s. Maybe Adam of aoc can share some knowledge.
looking great gentlemen.Steven Yeun wore his last night on the Talking Dead. in the rain!!!Looks like dark brown welt and edge, but it could be black. thanks.
older alpine grain sw on tan colored commando maybe my favorite non-shell alden    
5 pairs of aldens are on the block. all 5 are on barrie, all size 10 b/d   new snuff sw boots $SOLD used navy cxl ptb w brass $250 used leffot saddles shell - alpine $450 used tsm saddles shell - alpine $SOLD used ravello lwb on crepe $SOLD   let me know if you want pictures and details for any particular pair. cheers, daniel     ive only taken decent photos of tsm saddles. i want $350 for them. 
sweet line up mayor. the brassvellos always make me smile.ravello ________   could be lwb, ptb, nst boot, sw bootbecause its an easy and perfect combo with any chino or jean.fantastic sir. i'm very jelly of that new-old cigar shade.
My condolences Dr.L.
I have a few Barrie size 10 I want to move in the next couple of months including Leffot and the shoe mart saddles. Let me know if you're interested.
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