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And for that, I thank you.
cigar x ls  
I wouldn't risk it.$1000, low feedback, overseas.... seem like a bad combo.Alden sf runs cigar chukkas, give them a call.
got a pair from ebay. really like em. old photo the lawn was out of control 
GOOD LORD!so nice dubs.thats a great idea sir. want to topy a few of mine.
good call
@TtownMD   try #8 ptb or #8 lwb
[[SPOILER]]thats an impressive few hours dubs#4 saddles (unicorn)cigar nst on aberdeen (unicorn)cigar sw on hampton (unicorn)country calf lwb (freaking awesome)and THE BIDNESS SPREADSHEET! great looking boots. outstanding short wings and closet set up.
Dear donl,Amazing work.Thanks
ww x aom  
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