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5 pairs of aldens are on the block. all 5 are on barrie, all size 10 b/d   new snuff sw boots $SOLD used navy cxl ptb w brass $250 used leffot saddles shell - alpine $450 used tsm saddles shell - alpine $SOLD used ravello lwb on crepe $SOLD   let me know if you want pictures and details for any particular pair. cheers, daniel     ive only taken decent photos of tsm saddles. i want $350 for them. 
sweet line up mayor. the brassvellos always make me smile.ravello ________   could be lwb, ptb, nst boot, sw bootbecause its an easy and perfect combo with any chino or jean.fantastic sir. i'm very jelly of that new-old cigar shade.
My condolences Dr.L.
I have a few Barrie size 10 I want to move in the next couple of months including Leffot and the shoe mart saddles. Let me know if you're interested.
Smfdoc, I wear modified same as Barrie. I don't have any issues with the last. The pair on eBay is not black shell cordovan. That's black leather. They're also EEE extra wide.
Only works on Easter Sunday.
color # 4 atoms x leffot today  
Outstanding.Fantastic finds.
thank you Ben. Here's a pic from when they first arrived. i'm really pleased with how well they matched the heels. 
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