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Thanks for the info, seems to be working well for you. I brush, use a little alden boot cream, and brush some more.Yes, these are rembrandts.
Excellent choice uncle Mac.Sharp combo rtp. I don't use much product on mine, do you use anything?
Thank you kindly rtp.Thank you uncle Mac.
Awesome boots. Gets my vote for the best cxl Indy. My size was available for a couple of days, should have grabbed a pair.
Thank you bk.Thanks dubs. And yes, it's dark before work now.
#8 boot x frans boone
Outstanding mdubs. That cigar is the best.
[[SPOILER]]She knows too much.She knows too much.
Thanks uncle Mac.Great looking monks sir.
You are the MAN!My wife's really cool about my shoe psychosis as well.She waited in line for the Carolina blue air jordan XI release for me, circa 2001. Foot locker used to release those on Wednesdays at 10 am. I was always at work.I do not have my wife call or research about aldens. Too expen$ive.
New Posts  All Forums: