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[[SPOILER]]great work gentlemen. ravello nst is as good as it gets.
sweet boots. nice to see you wearing them right away.must resist. great pants as well.meh, just ok sir. what size are they? awesome in every way.nice combo and smart laces.
whiskey wednesday hayburners x blackbird    
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.thanks for the info Adam.
Oh my goodness!Congratulations my friend.Henry IV?
Donl's boots are awesome.Tricky, deposit at Ls?
I would guess exclusivity. If you love these and want them, you must buy from bb. Too bad they don't offer other styles on the last. Tremont fits similarly, but it's hardly ever available as well. Alden's modified seems to only be sold through a couple of retailers as well. Lord knows why Alden does what it does, and why they don't ask for our help.
Sftg knows everything there is to know about the shrimping business. And aldens.
That feeling when you've been out of town for 12 days and your honey holes are overflowing w goods.
finally back home and able to share my @Alden of Carmel collection   a year that ends with a "0" bison nst bluchers (adam, can you help me date these) 2011 cigar lwb 2011 ravello lwb 2014 #2 lwb  
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