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tsm saddles it was hot today    
Sorry to hear about your loss Burzan. My deepest condolences.
choco tanker    
thank you mayor.great indys, sweet combo with the blues.wow! i finally wore mine this week as well.killing it sazon
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen. smoothie, shooting fish in a barrel.tommy, yes, from this last run. @sazon  fantastic cigar boots today sir.
whiskey tanker  
fantastic choice gentlemen. i like those a little more every time i see them.outstanding tankers mayor. one of alden's finest.
I did not participate n the most recent aom exotic run, however, I believe they have a fair policy. They receive hundreds of emails to fill an exotic run w 12 - 18 slots. A combination of first come first serve w consideration for repeat customers sounds fair to me. I doubt a casual "eBay flipper" will end up with a rare model from aom.
Thank you zenny, yes modified. Best of luck w your gmto.I don't like tight shoes.I would try 7.5E plaza.Fantastic boots Mike. Your boots look even crispier than Tifosi's.Great boots and thank you for all the euro retail Intel.Thank you sir.So nice. I've always wanted a pair.Outstanding sir.
New Posts  All Forums: