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^ beebs channeling sftg + uncle Mac. I hope to wear tassel loafers one day. I'm not ready yet.
Namor wears bigger shoes. Add rtp to that list.
Me too.Yes, yes, yes, yes after a little stretching, yes, and yes.
I would wait. Start Friday after work, you need the weekend to get through several episodes. Otherwise, you're staying up all night tonight watching and dragging a** at work tomorrow.
thank you mdubs. I wore them for about 14 hours today. they are so comfortable.
amazing and amazing. your new shoes look great.
Namor? I hope so.I don't even smoke...
I don't know u guys, I picture sazon looking like his avatar. Ps, I don't look like my avatar.
Wow. Unbelievable color.
early morning ravello
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