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Welcome back Uncle Mac!
[[SPOILER]] bbombers; that bufala mozzarella pizza is something else. how did they build all those homes? i was thinking the same thing, where's the home depot?peppercorn; thank you. unfortunately, we did not get to see the music festival. i'll have to plan that out better next time.atlvol; that's awesome. you're going to have a blast. i lucked out, my wife picked the amalfi coast. all i had to do was add a quick detour to ravello. she ended up liking it a lot.
my wife and i visited the amalfi coast a few days ago. i did not take or see any aldens, but we did see ravello.ravello is a small town known for a classical music festival they host every june. its tiny, quaint, with nice views.well worth the trip.   [[SPOILER]]
Fantastic boot Sazon. How old and from where please.@donl wow, great shoes.
Yes, yes, yes, and yes. [[SPOILER]]
i would play in the Alden San Francisco open.
very happy with the new burgundy shell sneakers. burgundy next to brown shell i wear the brown pair 2 - 3 times a week
great combo. the pants are outstanding.
Because one day I'll have access to a time machine.... I'd like to know, was anyone able to order Alden mto back in the day, or was it only for a few vip customers.
I wish they were my size
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