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thank you for sharing.good lord they look great. nice job sir.
Great buy on the ls Ravello short wings.Thanks, yours look great as well.Mine are from Adam as well.
ups 10 day snail mail may have been an exaggeration, but waiting for cigar boots makes time stand still. just checked, it'll be 7 days from ny to ca.   cigars waiting
Alden of Madison (New York)
Anthony from aom describes cigar w an amazing shade?!?!? Would love to see a picture. ups has my pair, should take about 10 days to get to California.
great boots. i wish all my boots had commando soles.so nice. i've tried 5 local cobblers, they do not have the equipment or experience to help.you should consider shipping to one of the recommended shops like b nelson or inn8chiro's guy.
ravello wednesday
Looking good my friend. Tough to beat them boots. Ravello's the true king. (Brave cuz uncle mac's MIA)That's a healthy looking lawn as well.
J.crew snuff - #8
I've paid more for other saddles. These are my favorite as well. I'm sure a pair will come around sooner or later.I'm sure mike could make it happen.
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