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fun find of the day hamilton watch co chronometer wooden box (just the box, mind you)             3 sold items are just the boxes as well, without the actual chronometer....there's so much i don't know about. the case was sitting on top of the polo shirt rack. someone grabbed it, thought about it, and left it behind. 
These are really nice. Glad to see pictures of rare saddles. I bought and returned a pair back in the day. I was new to the game and didn't appreciate non-glazed shell.
1. Biggest regret: Louis Vuitton trunk for encyclopedia britannica. Passed for $200, I was in high school and $200 at the time felt like 2K. That miss still haunts me. 2. Never see: Nice coats. No coats in San Diego. 3. Cheapest: my mom bought a $2 purse, had a krugerrand in the pocket. I sold it for her, fetched $860 at the time. She cried, it was awesome.
might be the most underrated alden. these loafers are hot fire. awesome combo mayor.yes, but staring is good too.i might have picked those up. 
saturday's favorite finds n/a 3sixteens slim tapered  porsche design sunglasses made in austria     bonus! the money was in the front right pocket, but this made for a better pic.   sunday's favorite 15 piece lladro ornament nativity scene. coolest part, thrifted it with my daughter. she saw the whole thing go down; finding, haggling... great moment.  
@kickstand No easy answer there. I wear van tts. I'd recommend 7.5. Others wear the same size for Barrie and van. You must also consider heel width. Good luck sir. @mdubs #4 shell is completely overrated. Given the opportunity, I would pick #8 or black shell stock models ANY day of the week over red shoes. Alden could produce tons of #4 if they wanted to, in fact they used to make it and it sat in stock rooms for years because no one wanted it. Other makers have #4 shell...
whiskey ptbs on commando (looking very ravello today)  
We're not worthy
ep tuesday carmina pythons x ep and lapiz walts  
shell #8 plain toe boot on trubalanceyes sir
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