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fantastic shoes.alden of san diego has the best stuff, gonna give them a call.i've treated bloom on shell before by rubbing with a t-shirt, didn't know chamois bloomed as well.bravo!
Thank you sir. They arrived this January.
sweet brass sazon. nicely playedbold combo. great boats.perfect! great combo.nicely done dubs. they look brand new, as always.outstanding donl. lovely shadecongratulations, amazing boots and color. thank you kindly sir.thanks dubs. my aom cigar ct boots are a bloom machine. haven't worn them yet, but have brushed bloom off several times. kinda wish i had let the bloom build over the past few months.
[[SPOILER]] strong work gentlemen, thanks for the inspiration. whiskey x aom (no bloom) 
don't change the name. alden of san diego is already a household name.you change it, i will personally email you every day asking if you stock other brands. etnies? heelys? fallen? narrow sizes?outstanding mac. great shine as well. [[SPOILER]] great nsts and color. well done. ravello and lawn are looking great. well played my friend.fantastic score. 
Congratulations Disco. Best of luck sir.
impressive sir. great choices, enjoy boot season.outstanding boots. great shade. great post m635guy. haven't been to the dc store YET. 2210 is a great shoe. leffot has a version of the same shoe with antique edge, i haven't seen that one irl.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.completely agree, this thread and instagram have broaden my sartorial point of view. 
shoe and clothing related items i used to avoid and now love:   boots tassel loafers crepe sole really blue and stiff jeans jean cuffs button down collars knit ties   (still struggle with black shoes, pants, shirts, etc)   975 today
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.@peppercorn78 yes, very interesting ravello shade.love the boots sir. plaza is so classy.great combo dubs. sweet loafers.
New Posts  All Forums: