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Freaking awesome.What? How? I wish I could get shell variations like yours.Your boats look so nice.
perfect combo rydenfan.the ravello color is very rich. nice buy sir.great looking boots sir.
#4 on the 4th
very cool natty boats friend.great photo and boots sazon.killing it as usual sir. i got some "very inn8chiro" pants the other day. by that i mean awesome plaid.great contrast, sweet boots.very nice boots sir. do you defender your shell? they don't show any damage from the elements.
thank you friend. fyi, i played the same game for a couple of years, believing i didn't need the lwbs because i had the sw bals. i'm glad i finally got the boats.thank you sir.so very kind of you to say.  
whiskey x citishoes  
great chukkas. wonderful shoes and combo. [[SPOILER]] nice pick up. i prefer lighter edging, but these look really nice as is.
cigar x harrison ltd  
[[SPOILER]] thanks dubs. your navy boots are ridiculously nice. fine, i will make the call. you two are a terrible influence.sweet boots alcibiades.
whiskey ptb
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