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Alden Whiskey Short Wing Balmoral #97285 x alden dc Very rare whiskey shell cordovan. This is lighter whiskey shell. Treemont last size 10.5 b/d. They fit usa size 10.5. $700.00 shipped to the USA. paypal or local pick up.   These are in excellent condition. They have never seen the rain. They come with alden dust bags, but trees and box are not included. I will ship them via priority mail to the USA, contact me for overseas inquiries. Thanks for your consideration.
so nice rtp.the color looks perfect, enjoy them sir.
Congratulations on your marriage. cool ptbs.I would keep those. doubt the flaw would become a big hole.
i like the contrast.You can darken it w product or wait for it to darken with wear.
That's a fine looking boot sir. Great Friday look.
because their great. very nice boots sir. beautiful shell color uncle mac. so good, so good. ravello wins again.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.
TasselsLhsBlack ptbSand ptbAe brown shell looks like cigar.i haven't seen the new ae dark brown shell. I hear they'll only make 50 pairs in dark brown.
Wow. They look amazing.
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