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Fantastic boots and photo as always sir.Wow!!!!So nice to see a crispy clean pair of these. Would you consider the monks a bit lighter color than the tankers? They look amazing, congratulations.
Strong tassel game gentlemen.Ds, did you buy them recently from citi or from another Alden fan?Steve, how long ago did you buy these?Both loafers are inspirational.
Happened to me as well. Didn't know how to pronounce "epaulet" until I met mike at a trunk show.Yet, not as shocking as the first time I called leffot!?!?!?!
Thank you for the kind words.Jso recalls correctly, Leather soul. my pair is from 2010.
snuff short wings  
i really like that cigar shade. sweet twill rivet combo sir.we are not worthy. your boots are awesome.nice grab Sazon, i have a weakness for nst, and grain, and plaza...geniusgenius [[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words mayor.your saddles are looking great, the purple marcolianis pair really well.
'11 ravello    
tsm saddles it was hot today    
Sorry to hear about your loss Burzan. My deepest condolences.
choco tanker    
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