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thank you. the old laces just looked tired, i prefer a crispier look.  [[SPOILER]] thanks for sharing your findings bm. i would try more saphir products if i could find them locally. your boots look great btw.
thank you sir.
fantastic boots. i drove 4+ hours about 20 years ago for a pair of doc martens. thank you sir. great boots, congratulations.thank you my friend. can't wait to get back to the show, have to wait for my daughter to go to sleep first though...very nice boots. i also like rrl denim, they go on sale fairly often. i tend to wear barrie and tb with denim, aberdeen with trousers.good lord rtp, that's awesome.
started watching house of cards season 3 last night, allowed for some brushing. gave my cigars a bit of tlc + new laces.       @DiscoVolante outstanding collection sir. 
I have them. If you like broguing you may consider black/black shell saddles.
Outstanding sir. Love them on antique, perfect.Ravello 1 - 2 combo for the win!Congratulations on the new boots, the jcrew brass lwb is on my dream list. Thanks for the kind words as well.Thank you sir. I opened my sf account so I could buy those saddles from the sales forum. Life was simpler then...
saddles x leffot  
really nice combo cc.
light color shell is tricky. less product is better. to remove dark marks, brush and buff using a cotton shirt. deer bone will help with the scuffs. saphir renomat or (more gentle) renovator may help remove the dark marks, but they also dry up shell creating other problems.
New Posts  All Forums: