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I like the gum.
  thank you sir.i'm also looking for 4x4 nassau from leather soul. new or used. wow and wow. love the new shell dubs.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. ep taunton. im an alpine grain kind of guy.so nice sir.
cigar boot x anatomica
Ben Ben Ben Ben....I was paying close attention to that listing. I'm glad you ended up with them.Great pick up, they look amazing.
975old nassau ptb. could be ravello mtoi'm a believer.did not like them a couple of years ago, now i love them. cigar's my favorite.
I believe he said, "they're better than rembrandts, but go ahead and wear them."I'm not one to wait. I'm using the unworn Aldens as motivation to lose a few lbs. 4 more to go.
Unworn in the closet: 3 boots 1 blucher 1 unicorn
[[SPOILER]]thank you.leather soul had a run of the ravello wingmonk back in the day.thanks dubs. pre-owned loophole. great boots and pants dubs.i may try that 
snuff x epaulet
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