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I'll take 2 medium ones. One to wear and one to keep without creases.And congratulations sir!
Are we talking about aom's recent whiskey sw boot? I can share a couple of pics.
Looking good tommyb. Nice shade as well.
I've tried that with green shell with mixed results. My green carmina shell lwbs are beautiful but lack Alden aesthetic. alden makes a casual lwb, carmina makes a much dressier one.And, carmina ruby shell is amazing.
@Alden of Carmel , welcome to the party. I propose "my favorite aoc makeup and or family pic" Will post family pic next week. For now, My favorite may be 2011 cigar lwb
I have a comparison picture in my photo history. Carmina ruby, #2, #4All jokes aside, I have a favorite cigar year.
Too late boys, mdubs has the triple crown shell reserved for matching lhs - belt combo. He predicted this happening 8 months ago and locked it up.
aom cigar ct boots. they're keepers.  not nearly as dark as last years cigar offerings from sf chukka, leffot's indy, harrison ltd. tassel, or dc ct boots i can see potential for lighter tones after a couple of wears.   and next to my favorite olive cigar lwbs
Mama's fish house tonight?I would kill for the coconut curry dish right now.Thank you sir
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