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ravello on crepe
Steven, I would sell another pair. Pretty difficult to beat cigar and ravello lwb. Unless you also have ravello sw boots.
Stevent, Do the cigar shells match? The right shoe seems to be darker than the left one. If the cigars shells match keep those cigars. Alden is still making decent ravello, but they haven't produced that olive cigar since 2012.
Moosic, That's unfortunate. They should have contacted you when they accepted the return, your friend should have mentioned it as well. There's a chance their store credits don't pop up on screen when you make a purchase, unless you have a customer number or something. If it's the NYC store in thinking of, call them and ask them to use that credit towards your last purchase. I had to do something like that a couple of years ago. I have purchased from them since and will do...
Mdubs, That's an awesome drop. I agree, ravello sw boots are pretty difficult to beat. Yours are so nice. The whiskey short wings and pt boots are pretty awesome as well.
So nice.Aberdeen 10 is your friend. Happy you're not a 10.5.I would always notice that line. I would send them back.
Dark lapis hurt
Congratulations on your baby.Life just got real, kids are so much fun.
Steel, those look damn good
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