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To psa or not to psa... I don't mind "these are for sale" because my iPhone sf mobile version does not show member signature sale items. I find a quick message harmless. I LOVE "buy it now" ebay psa. I recall someone recently posting a whiskey nst eBay listing with a buy it now. Someone else posted rare aoc whiskey - mahogany saddles, awesome. Not their auction, someone else scored a great pair.
Thank you sir. thank you blue.
Thank you and thank you. I'm very happy w your service.Thanks sazon. I feel like a grown up wearing tassels. "It's all in my head"
Great trousers and suede.I need to pick up some linen this summer.
Thank you. Yes, navy pants. Can't really go wrong w #8 and navy.Thank you. Now that lsbh closed, mdubs has the best selection in Southern California.Thanks.
ravello tassels via mdubs first time wearing tassels
great color. good ravello. excellent combo sir. nicely done sir. I like the contrast with bold blue.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.these are from ebay, not sure who for or last. #39152hcnot barrie, maybe plaza or grant.
#8 ct boot
nice shoes sir. great colors too.
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