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I have leffot #8 tankers w light edge and I'm waiting for Epaulet #8 alt weins w antique.I haven't purchased the #8 lwb w antique because I don't want them to double cross w my 975 and cigar lwb w antique... But now I see I have to get them. Killer denim as well.
Outstanding sir.
Fantastic. I don't have either but will get eventually.True, the 2030 list is already full. Mike from San Diego took 3 spots.
Very nice rtp. Rich looking.Love those. Very nice donl.Great collection. There might be room for a few more.
Not sure what you folks are talking about. Here's an iPhone 6 photo of my Ashland ruby shell wallet
AWESOME!!!!!this photo should come with 3d glasses. thanks for sharing.kind a crazy you have all the unicorns and no #8... maybe leffot tankers.
I like these a lot. I will be looking for a pair.Great color rtp. The shade is perfect indeed. I'm always worried now about the shade until I see the actual shoes irl.That's what I was trying to say.Funny story, he led another pair my way today.I kid because mdubs is the coolest and most generous guy.Great boots, interesting photo.Stunning uncle Mac.
sweet shoes. mdubs is the alden moses. great shoes. I want a pair.
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words. I love my lwbs.
I guess i'll wear my pair to church tonight.  
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