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nice suede dubs.
halleck friday
Thank you sir.I hope you kill it with your croc next week.
Yes, I was expecting the new pair to be darker brownvello, but it's a nice color.Thank you. Great ptbs sir.Thanks uncle Mac. I am keeping the new pair, may or may not sell the older pair.
thrifted nos shellmade in england x gimbels men storecan anyone help id the maker? thanks in advance   [[SPOILER]]
Happy Thanksgiving gentlemen.   ravello ct boots  2014 x dc left, 2011 x leffot right.  
very nice cigar dubs. they look so new.so good to see this offered again. your boots look great.sweet tankers zippyh. nice to see you posting.
Great looking boots.
So nice uncle Mac. The color and shape are perfect.Great handcuffed. I agree, that shell is going to age really nicely. The pt really shows off the material.Nice look, I wish more of my boots had commando soles.So good, so:slayer:I use defender on shell and alpine grain.Those are some nice boots. Regret not getting the navals.
Sweet looking tassels. Stay classy San Diego.Great shot. Cool boots.I like Alden's recrafting program. I don't like how dark color 8 comes back from the process. I will ask them not to make them dark next time I use them.
New Posts  All Forums: