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hallecks x unionmade after work
Unbelievable. Great boots and photos.
Thank you for sharing. I really like the different colors in your collection.Sweet looking indys.
Late, I know... I don't think you need both.Excellent boots sir.I love crepe, I don't think a little moisture will hurt them at all. My crepe soled Aldens are the most comfortable.Freaking boss dubs.Thanks for sharing, amazing boots.
Late to the game. 8d plaza should work for you.Did not get a pair of those beautiful Indys, but I'm anxiously waiting to see better pictures of these. I hope the whiskey shade is lighter than what's been offered recently. Alden fixed brownvello back to ravello, I hope they get their whiskey and cigar back on track.
cigar x tsm   
good lord! So freakin
alpine gran x j.crew
Color 8 would be just fine. Most people irl would not give your shoes a second thought. I tend to overthink shoes, but I'm the exception.Looking good dubs.
great shoes and combo sir.
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