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Thank you jso1. Your boots are amazing. Ravello nst boot is my favorite Alden make up. Shunted, my atoms are from 2011. I have seen 4 pairs pop up for re-sale since they were released.
#4 atoms x leffot    
#8 x epaulet  
Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. The whiskey boots are from last year's run. I was surprised to get a light shade of whiskey. We got lucky with them. Never imagined shell bedding, but would love to have ravello bucket car seats. Someone page Nick horween. And rig the lottery for me.
whiskey x aom  
teak shell trainers and olive walts. i saw radiohead, blur, and oasis at a kroq weenie roast back in the day... good times.  
I will see them Thursday night in los angeles.
#8 sw boots
fantastic boots mayor and thanks for the kind words.great cigar shells Uncle Mac.well played donl. great ravellos.
snuff x leather soul  
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