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Strong work Jedi.I love the colors. Great shine.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words guys.these ptbs have a nice color irl. almost didn't buy because they overlapped with the ravello ptbs.
Sorry about that. Mine is a similar story.Found a pair of alden black shell full strap loafers at a goodwill. Seemed I could flip them. Googled info to include in an eBay listing and found photos from this thread. Some of you owe me money.
Great shoes mdubs. I would wear them w #8 belt as well.
A tapered rivet would be a nice option.I have my pants tapered and hemmed. $28. I also ask for smaller tight stitching to prevent boot speed hooks from catching on threads.
Nicely done. I'm pretending I don't need a pair because I already have c&j ptbs for rl.Very nice shoes.
Truth and fixed.
That's awesome.Your boots look barely broken in. Awesome.
Great shoes donl.
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