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975old nassau ptb. could be ravello mtoi'm a believer.did not like them a couple of years ago, now i love them. cigar's my favorite.
I believe he said, "they're better than rembrandts, but go ahead and wear them."I'm not one to wait. I'm using the unworn Aldens as motivation to lose a few lbs. 4 more to go.
Unworn in the closet: 3 boots 1 blucher 1 unicorn
[[SPOILER]]thank you.leather soul had a run of the ravello wingmonk back in the day.thanks dubs. pre-owned loophole. great boots and pants dubs.i may try that 
snuff x epaulet
nice boots. i don't have experience lightening shell. when i add product, it only makes ravello darder. i would wear them and not worry about imperfections too much.
outstanding. what a difference that chukka and 24 hours make. ae has totally redeemed itself.wonderful boots and photo.1. pictures please2. damp cloth, brush, brush, brush
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. banana power!!!UNICORN ALERT!!! outstanding sir, outstanding!in all fairness, 99.9% of shoes/boots lose against the ravello sw boot. (including #8 boots ) nicely played dubs.perfect combo.
ravello ptb x anatomica    
thanks sazon. yes, takes a while to come to that realization, and it's true.as good as color 8 gets. holy pretty awesome that you have the jcrew shell and cxl ls jumper boots.so nice dubs.thanks sazon. life was simpler then. first boots of any kind. zero selvedge denim...i like reading the old posts as well. i want to read the whole thread again during spring break.
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