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happy new year alden brethren! i was able to resist the green tanker talk, but it was close. someone please buy the unionmade size 10 and put me out of my misery.  snuff alt wien x epaulet and ep rivets.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks you Shawn. They're developing a bit of character.Festive laces, awesome ravello.This is so good. Saddles are looking great my friend. 
Merry Christmas Gentlemen. 20/20 #2 lwb x alden of carmel  
what is happening? i'm just going to pretend i don't care for that color or model and move along.
epaulet sells gift cards as well. good people.
thanks, they're cigar.grant for me is tts like aberdeen.
sorry if someone already mentioned it, namor is selling ravello cap toe boots on ebay size 11.5 for $775 smoking deal   edit. cigar shell boots that look that ravello
Agreed. Too light to be 2015.Great find sir.
@clementFR In my experience, Renovatour dries shell and adds to the white haze you see in the rolls. I only use a deer bone and brush for the most part. A little Alden natural boot cream once or twice a year. I also like Alden defender for water protection.
Fantastic. Good to know theres still some unicorns out there to be had.
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