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@prez , great looking ptbs sir.
I like the look of the black alpine grain daytrippers. I like that they have commando soles as well.
What ryden said
go to see mdubs' chukkas today irl.... yes, he actually wears them outdoors. no, they don't crease for some reason.   blue tassels x unionmade
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.i would look for the black shell bals on the tremontsweet looking boots, i hope you're using alden defender.good lord dubs, outstanding work sir.
whiskey friday  
thats an awesome photo. great boots. [[SPOILER]] great boots sir.
agreed, untouchable. so nice mike. really nice boots friend.careful, next thing you know, you'll be that guy that only wears boots. thank you for the kind words gentlemen.walras, im sure some could wear these with a suit, but i would struggle with it. maybe because i only go formal a handful of times a year, i look for sleeker footwear when i wear a suit.
epaulet cigar indys
holy moley! that's awesome. sweet boots zennypoo
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