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oh happy day teak shell sport trainers and floral print shirt arrived today  
Whiskey chukkas size 9.5E for sale on eBay. $580 obo. Not my listing, but would have bought them if they were my size.
aldens and epaulet pants go like peas and carrots. alden was my gateway to ep. i drove to down town los angeles from san diego (which sucks) to find my ep size because of the alden - ep combos i saw on the alden thread. maybe the alden thread is more of a gateway to ep than aldens themselves...  my wardrobe is casual, alden lasts and materials work better for me than other more refined and more expensive alternatives.  just my take as an alden and ep junkie. 
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. mayor, your order is being processed. 
you are too kind, thank you.
x post from alden thread snuff alt wiens and rivets  
happy new year alden brethren! i was able to resist the green tanker talk, but it was close. someone please buy the unionmade size 10 and put me out of my misery.  snuff alt wien x epaulet and ep rivets.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks you Shawn. They're developing a bit of character.Festive laces, awesome ravello.This is so good. Saddles are looking great my friend. 
Merry Christmas Gentlemen. 20/20 #2 lwb x alden of carmel  
what is happening? i'm just going to pretend i don't care for that color or model and move along.
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