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Great shoes. Deadly 1-2 w yesterday's whiskeys.The ptbs are looking good sir.Outstanding shoes and photos.Killer boots rtp. You wear them well.
Nice loafers donl
@Mdubs is an alden corporate mole. He just happens to be a super nice dude.
Thank you mr president. The modified is very comfortable and light weight. I am also very happy with this particular cigar shade.2011Great looking boots. Enjoy them.Great boots and photo. Yes, he's walking on water.
It depends on your everyday needs. I dress casual to work, I would chose leffot #8 Dover and snuff suede Dover as most versatile from that group.Thank you dubs.That alpine grain collection Very nice boots sir.
@chrisefi What a day! Enjoy your new boots. They look great.
[[SPOILER]] those look really nice ben. nice grab.
ryden's boss
i wouldn't be concerned about the lose stitching. enjoy the your boots sir.
outstanding sir. the rainbow looks so good. only reason i may not want to see this, is because i didn't order a pair of natty shell strands.
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