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Thanks for the input.
Sweet belt ryden.Do you have any alden alpine grain?I would love to see a picture of alden grain and the new belt.
Alden of San Diego usually has the goods.Only a couple of sizes.
Quick plug for the speckled chambray rivets. They're awesome. More awesome than I thought they'd be.
thank you for that. 
so nice. great color.great looking boots sazon.great boots ben
Shoe GEEK here, thank you breck81. No Nike outlets in San Diego in early 90s. $125 a pair, got one pair for my birthday and one pair for Christmas. Just realizing now my loving parents were my first enablers. Started liking Aldens after seeing Uncle Mac's photos as well.... A more recent enabler.
Shoe nerd here. Anyone care to confess what filled their shoe fix before Aldens? I was a big jordan fan in high school. Begged my parents for air jordans and mr robinsons and barkleys and penny hardaways. I also went through an "italian designer" stage after college. Only survivors left: original spacejams, original penny foamposites, and brown bit gamo loafers.
whiskey x harrison ltd.  
I wish.I really should learn how to alter my own pants. I should thrift a couple of chinos and give it a try.Btw, I prefer all eyelets because of the way they look.
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