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Thanks dubs, that's funny. I know you have shell brushing minions.Great boots ben. Rich color and crepping comfortable.Could be the perfect combo. Great boats sir.
Thanks gentlemen.I'm getting used to modified lasted boots as well. They're light, comfortable, and really showcase shell. I still struggle with how they look from certain angles, but they've been growing on me. I feel fortunate to have them and hope to keep in the rotation from now on.
So good.Thank you. Seems like alden could offer heel and stitching options to more retailers.
Sweet boots steel. The #8 anatomica boots and photos are very tempting. wearing mine today to scratch that itch.Thank you sir.RRL slim fit selvedge black tar wash, first wear. Denim's more copper than I expected.
ravello x anatomica (+ nice heel detail)
thank you ben. your grant shell boots are killer as well.great combo donl. [[SPOILER]] that's so awesome and so mean.thanks dubs. i guess i know what i'm wearing tomorrow. fantastic loafers. thanks for the kind words ironclad.
Prez, Both are very nice. I can see why you would let a pair go. How do you plan to wear them? The ct looks more formal for trouser pairings. The pt would go better casual.
ravello ct, first wear  
@mdubs killer boot lineup. i like the grant boots. 
Great combo today dubs. The ravello color is excellent.I wouldn't roll or cuff, I don't like extra fabric covering up alden shell.
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