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[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.burzan, 7.5 leg opening.
great trio there. ravello is always a winner.great shoes shawn. congrats on getting the nsts.
would love to add a cigar nst boot to my collection. seems like a complete winner, not sure why no one has made any available since leather soul. then again, if someone made only 12, we would be    cigar aberdeen nst    
👏👏 Prez for president!!!!
allow myself to introduce... myself...great whiskey and gray combo sir.great stuff. i don't miss my nike hunting days.+1next thing you know, aom will just have exotic loafers sitting on the shelves for months...i don't think they're aldens. i would use lexol leather conditioner to bring them back to life.
ravello x leffot    
#8 saddles?That's disappointing, I would exchange or return. I also don't think that would affect the integrity of the shoe in the future. My ravello lwbs have had similar lose threads for years, which consequently ripped due to brushing. nothing's come undone or been compromised. Just sad for $700 shoes.
winner!great monks sir. they are fantastic
i would consider the second hand market. ebay and our sales forum.unless you're barrie 10 D, in that case used shoes are disgusting. nothing plain about 990s. such an awesome shoe. nice buy.i wear bb lhs and van lasted loafers tts. bbs fit my feet better.wow, great boots dsfantastic shoes. i brushed 4 pairs yesterday after work. thanks for the info. enjoy them unis.
may the fourth be with you    
New Posts  All Forums: