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Sweet boots, well done sir.
Aloha folks, I made the pilgrimage to leather soul hawaii today. The store is so very nice and the staff is very helpful. They have 40 - 50 different alden shoes and boots. I was surprised to see only ONE pair of alden shell shoes. One pair of black shell lwbs in one size. I was disappointed not to see more cordovan or alpine grain. They do have an amazing selection of Edward Greene, John lobb, etc... I left empty handed, but helped my father in law buy his first Aldens,...
I wore my tan suede dovers from jcrew with shorts today. its about 80 degrees here. I originally put on the ravello lhs, but decided to change at the last minute.I don't think you need the jcrew captoe boots. #8 tankers and cigar captoes would make a nice boot rotation.I was kidding. a ralph lauren employee accidently leaked a 65% discount code a few weeks ago. some of us bought a bundle. I was joking because mdubs posted such a nice haul from the dc store and because...
JezeC,Mike knows everything there is to know about the shrimping business.Just beware, the ptb m-58 fits me tts.
Thats a great pair of loafers. My favorite of the alden loafers.
Brilliant boys. I don't wear mine as often, but love them when I do.I only had a couple of nice shoes when I pre-ordered these from leffot. It was like the movie "the notebook" but with saddles.
"Shoe selfies" are pretty embarrassing. I delete mine like they're national security secrets.I've got nowhere to hide, my wife knows I take shoe pictures before work, I need help.My wife has more shoes than I do but nothing expensive.
Wow mike. Happy 1 yr anniversary. Your collection is awesome. My favorite? Your cigar lwb are special. You'll need the convention center steps for next years family photo.
Nice combo rtp.My lawn got mowed yesterday.I'm glad someone got that.
Cuz inside out, is wiggida wiggida wiggeda wack.
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