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Awesome lwbs zennypoo.Congrats mdubs. That looks like that "good whiskey"
Congratulations buda. I wish you and your family all the best.
thank you sir.    great whiskey navy gentlemen.awesome, awesome, awesome.please let me know if someone wants to unload a pair of 10s. I've always been interested in mahogany shell. I think it may have been different to the ravello of the time, now it seems like it could be mistaken for other ravello runs. yep. that's awesome.
Thank you sir.Thank you. Yes, same alpine grain, same color.
Thank you. Yes, alpine.Mine are from citishoes, maybe 3 months old. Unionmade has a similar makeup as well.Guilty, I inquired and want to buy. Those are super cool.Thank you uncle Mac.
fixed that tanker Tuesday for me
That's a nice find beebs. Congratulations.
I bought whiskey lwb about 2 months ago. I had been rationalizing and resisting them for a while, I'm very happy w my pair. They're quickly becoming one of my favorites.I've had alden refinish really beat up ebay shell shoes in the past. They will replace the heel pad and buff down the leather lining tears, but they will not replace the lining. They will clean up the inside mess, but not make it pristine. that being said, it's totally worth the money and wait, the...
Keep. I'll be hunting for a similar pair.
Outstanding bk.
New Posts  All Forums: