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#8 longwings.61 degrees today, the coldest it's been in 3 weeks! Wearing harris tweed trousers. Haven't worn most of my cold gear the last 2 years.
great project, thanks for sharing bn. i've given up on reno and almost everything else. if the shoes need it, i use a little natural alden boot cream. [[SPOILER]] great make up mike. nice pants as well.thanks mike. [[SPOILER]] terrific boots.thank you sir. i copied the bar lacing from uncle mac.what did you decide to do? i may have sent them back.
i prefer to take care of my own shoes. i'm fairly busy, full time job + part time side gig, but i enjoy brushing when i watch sports on tv. nothing like brushing early in the morning while catching a bpl match. 
color 2 
very nice hat and bluchers dubs. 
Thanks dubs, that's funny. I know you have shell brushing minions.Great boots ben. Rich color and crepping comfortable.Could be the perfect combo. Great boats sir.
Thanks gentlemen.I'm getting used to modified lasted boots as well. They're light, comfortable, and really showcase shell. I still struggle with how they look from certain angles, but they've been growing on me. I feel fortunate to have them and hope to keep in the rotation from now on.
So good.Thank you. Seems like alden could offer heel and stitching options to more retailers.
Sweet boots steel. The #8 anatomica boots and photos are very tempting. wearing mine today to scratch that itch.Thank you sir.RRL slim fit selvedge black tar wash, first wear. Denim's more copper than I expected.
ravello x anatomica (+ nice heel detail)
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