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texas texter, you want indys size 11
i heart that sofa im so jelly right now
small thirft i don't visit often delivered big for me today.  i've always wanted a real horn shoe horn.    
^ joyce is the store
original po1o not by ralph lauen (thread first?)worth picking up, just leave it next time?i realize i've been watching way too much round two because i never buy this kind of thing   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Fantastic Aldens last week mayor.
old dead stock n/a    
I heard these were banned from the thread.Because it hurts so much.
Aberdeen tts loafers are my best fitting loafers.
Congratulations, fantastic buy. I don't feel you overpaid, thats a rare bird you found.I also feel you got an nfl Sunday discount on the boots.I also think size 10.5 would have gone for much more.
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