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I hope alden finds a way to bring this back. It would be fun to see #4 lwb and a ptb. And an nst aberdeen boot. And an lhs.Outstanding dubs. The new lwbs look perfect. Nice blue ptbs as well.Now that classic Ravello is back, maybe the good folks at alden can throw us a bone and make a few ravello belts!!!!!!!!! Size 36 please.Great shell + denim combo bk.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.
that is such a nice color. great in every way. awesome. those look pretty new zippyh.
Cigar boots are from that dc run. I think many of us fumbled that one. I didn't call for the same reason..... Added to alden regrets list.It's time to convert to lhs, easier to wear than you'd think. I recently started w tassels. Have not purchased full straps yet.
whiskey ptb. these are a few years old and could pass for my ravello ptbs from the same era.
so good.ravellow lwb reigns supreme. awesome fit bk. I want to wear my orange pants, its still too warm here.
Great 1-2 mdubs.The boots and lhs are something special.
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words guys. lifeinabox.these were offered by the shoe mart. they are about to release a new run, I believe every unit is spoken for.I have mine because mdubs is awesome and he TOTALLY hooked me up.
New Posts  All Forums: