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great tankers donl. those boots are amazing. great combo uncle mac. great boots sir. the commando looks very nice.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.chantheman, the #4 boots are about 3 years old from the shoe mart. not likely to be offered again for a while.akeem, i would size modified similar to barrie.
Shawnc, Terrific boots sir. It would be difficult to decide which pair to keep. The colors look just right.
Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. The boots are lighter (weight) compared to other alden boots. They're also unlined so will crease like wrapping paper. I was surprised the tongue is calf instead of shell. Maybe that's why these are so affordable. The color is very nice, I'm thrilled I got a pair.
ravello pt boots  
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.interesting idea, im not the right guy for that experiment.  [[SPOILER]]
Hot Dog Day #49 That sucks. I wish I had a name and number for you, but I don't. Alden likely feels they've followed proper procedure. They restore hundreds of shoes a year, they likely feel the new fit predicament is in your head and not a result of the restoration. I wonder if they would issue a replacement if the shoes were #8 or black shell. What a terrible experience.
Outstanding rtp. Such a great boot.
Frans boone has it in #8 and black shell
TNI The nicer indy. That was a joke. A Monday morning joke. Carry on.
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