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brassvellos are so good and so mean. fantastic mayor.  [[SPOILER]]thank you gentlemen for the kind words.
whiskey tanker x leffot and armoury jeans x epaulet  
THIS!There's been a couple of grail offerings the last couple of days here. I really appreciate folks like Jason who give us first crack and at reasonable prices. BRAVO! with that in mind  [[SPOILER]]
i cant speak for the mayor, but i'm slowing down. so far this year, 0 aldens. fantastic saddles sir.great color my friend. you wear them well.daaaaaaaaang! i will steal this look. [[SPOILER]] these are awesome. i have a pair of whiskey ptbs that look a lot like my ravello ptbs...
@wdahab What a fantastic score.
Seems like you gave this some thought dubs... I haven't, so here's more of my gut reaction...Business attire, I can't play that game. Wore a suit twice last year, Ravello ct bluchers both times, even though I have pristine cigar balls I only keep for pairing with the suit...Exotics, I agree w Ravello lwb.Ravello Aberdeen nst boot is the finest boot ever made so there's that to consider.Whiskey and or cigar Indy would be my third choice. (Since your third choice has 2 options)
^^ psa x 2 Go get them size 11.5 and 12 Mint Fb ravello boots for $800!?!??? And sold, I hope they don't pop up on eBay in a week for $2k
Thank you sir. Maybe from 2012, I'll check when I get home this pm. I bought them new from eBay about a year ago.
cigar nsts on aberdeen and gray flannels  
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