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ravello swb    
Well done sir.
good lord! great boots, your wife's a keeper. great post sir. just googled it, ravello is a 3 hour drive from rome... now to convince my wife. maybe we could take a train.bold combo, great shoes and trousers.inspiring sir, you wear them well.looking good, the boots look great from here.great boots sazon.love the colors, nicely done. [[SPOILER]] nice loafers dubs. the boots are pure fire, love the light edge.
the lakota house #4 nst pre-owned, but new to me.      
regina grain sw boots for a rainy monday   cigar x tassel tuesday (my favorite loafer)
Wow, great deal. Someone should buy them.
Neighbor's dog scratched my grape Jordans in high school, haven't forgiven dogs since.+1
I will speculate,I would sell a single left boot if the right boot had:Motorcycle chain damage.Dog chewed it up.Thrift store find.Botched cobbler repair.Lost luggage (I worry when I check my aldens)
Fwiw, I have red shoes from carmina. They're amazing, but do not scratch the red Alden shoe itch. They're different lasts with different aesthetics. Similar to buying shell Leeds and then trying on 990s.
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