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do you know what the new recrafting price will be and when they expect the increase? Awesome boots. These should be readily available state side. awesomeawesomeawesomeare all 3 unworn? if so, how do you do that? I put my new aldens on before the ups guy leaves the driveway.
nice collection kwl. I will join the sentiments of others, wishing you the best of luck and a prompt return to our forum. very nice choices. im a sucker for "family pictures"
good lord those look awesome. congratulations on the tankers. gotta love super greasy shell, WAY better than c&j super dry shell. wow, both those boots look amazing. enjoy your suede. great color on your nst tifosi. nice shell zyppyh. I am convinced you have 2 of everything. your soles are fine. get them on and have fun. yes sir. im glad they cleaned up ok.
#8 ct on the grant
good looking lwb sir. you'll get tons of use out of them.
Thank you rtp.No, I tried both, tts and .5 down. These are tts.Sorry, not size 10. They fit pretty well.Thank you calikid. I'm very happy w them.
Thanks for the kind words erikw.I'm thrilled to have found a pair. I'm very happy w the fit and looks.Thank you namor.
I would pay full retail and throw in both hoit1981's kidneys for sazon's used #4 wt boots. I have 2 other alden unicorns. I need to harvest some kidneys.
Sazon, quit derailing this thread with unicorns.Let's focus on things I may actually get to buy some day if I win the lottery, like Porsches and such.Your boots are freaking awesome.
rl ptb
New Posts  All Forums: