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Unbelievable boots. May be the pinnacle of alden highs.I felt that way after leaving a muse concert in Vegas a few years ago, I was sure (and correct so far) I would never see a better live show in person.
hayburner x blackbird  
thank you sir.congrats, sweet boats.great shoes, i like that table as well.thank you sir. email adam at alden of carmel for cigar and ravello lwb, he gets them every couple of years, and he'll send you a pair with no defects. cigar indys and ravello nst boots are more challenging, call the shoe mart and offer them your first born. cigar tankers are a complete pipe dream. my sweet sweet olive brown pipe dream...
good lord. so nice, i must wear... saddles x j.crew
I wouldn't know how to handle the cold. I pretend I would like a month with a few 50 degree days only so I could wear my thicker jackets and Shetland sweaters.First world - San Diego problems.
I like alden longwings with jeans. I'm sure it depends on your personal preference and work environment, for me, jeans and alden longwings go like peas and carrots.
#8 longwings.61 degrees today, the coldest it's been in 3 weeks! Wearing harris tweed trousers. Haven't worn most of my cold gear the last 2 years.
great project, thanks for sharing bn. i've given up on reno and almost everything else. if the shoes need it, i use a little natural alden boot cream. [[SPOILER]] great make up mike. nice pants as well.thanks mike. [[SPOILER]] terrific boots.thank you sir. i copied the bar lacing from uncle mac.what did you decide to do? i may have sent them back.
i prefer to take care of my own shoes. i'm fairly busy, full time job + part time side gig, but i enjoy brushing when i watch sports on tv. nothing like brushing early in the morning while catching a bpl match. 
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