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Thanks for the info. Really interesting model.
Holy moley!Details please; about how old, retailer or mto, are they 10.5?
@BenLeaman wins the internet today. Congratulatios to you and your wife. Life's about to go hi def at the leaman house.
yes!i'd love to find a pair from that run. great find sjo1thank you sir. the lawn is back to a respectable green.great boots rtp. that shade's the one.sweet combo dubs. impressive shine.
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another
those look fantastic dubs. welcome back to the boot world
great bals sir. that's an amazing color. killer navy - 8 combo dubs.awesome loafers sir.sweet boots Henry, are they on commando?
fantastic shade on your cigar indys. fantastic.
thank you sir. speaking of "at the plate", my daughter recently discovered "the sandlot" we've seen it 3 times this weekend.thanks dubs. the swingset is just #8.details on the ptbs. what year, who for, are they too big on you? i may need them.so nice rtp. sweet loafers dubs. they work perfectly w the rivets.
ravello nst    
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