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Thanks for the update Dylan. What a nightmare. Ups went on strike years ago, I worked at a distribution center at the time. We had to drive everything to a post office station, it was true mad max there. And nyc - San Diego; USPS priority - 3 days Ups ground...
fantastic cigar and dark brown collection dubs. lots of great horses there, i love that ct blucher. duuuuuuude, i don't know how you guys do it. i am convinced windows 10 was developed by apple moles. my hp is still battling the update.well played apple.lovely color. great photo. [[SPOILER]] thanks dubs. 
Yes, they're on the barrie. I think these fall in the "regular basis for cigar" category. I would expect Madison will order more, but it may be a long wait for the next run. I had the grant cigar boots from dc, these are a bit more casual and fit my wardrobe better.
thank you S for your helpful message.   cigar x aom     are you sure those are cigar??    yes, direct sunlight  
i'm wearing whiskey boots today. can't post photos due to technical difficulties. sadly, i updated windows 10 this am and now my hp will not read my sd card. please pm me if you have any experience solving this mess.
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen.outstanding boots rtp. that cigar shade is amazing. really nice pants as well.great choices so far. enjoy your new shoes.fantastic nsts sir.
welcome,#8 will lighten with wear, but it will not lighten to look like old #8. this saddens me.you should try barrie size 10E.lots of factors play into cordovan rolls: fit, shoe design, hide thickness, frequency of wear. Mike fastidiously attacks rolls, not fair to compare his shoes to anyone else's. lovely ravello - blue trouser combo.thanks for the kind words. these are on the plaza last for leather soul. i like the look, takes forever to lace "all blind eyelets"thank...
#2 lwb x aoc  
i would send them back.nice pairing with dress trousers. i haven't tried that... yet.yes. i wear leather soles indoors for an hour or 2. don't deed to with commando soles.fantastic combo with blue marcolianis. [[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.dubs, i'll steal your old laces if these ever snap. 
cigar x ls  
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