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[[SPOILER]] thank you gentlemen.
Beautiful boots Mac.I may find a magic lamp one day, I'd like to know where from and how old?
bad ass in every way.
975 my first pair of aldens
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. As was pointed out earlier, the ct boots are on the barrie for the shoe mart.
Very nice shoes and combo.Grape driggs?Special makeup x jcrew.I may have to go the bnelson route to get something similar.
thank you sir. 3. the eyelets, 2. plaza last, 1. the color. my cigar does not have that shade...AWESOME in every way. nicely done sir. that lawn is looking healthy as well. cigar is looking good. thanks for sharing aldenwear. I didn't know I had bison leather. im going to have to modify my ravello lwbs soon.these look so good.
#4 ct
New Posts  All Forums: