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sweet lhs dubs. great pants as well.  [[SPOILER]] great photo sir.is the snuff from ls? i want a pair.
@NAMOR   nicely done boss 
3 stores, 1 nostalgic purchase. takes me back to grandma's house.      
Sweet group dubs. Ravello sw rain boots! My beater rain boots are Clarks desert boots. I would buy pebble grain #8 sw boots right quick.
Thank you for posting.I hope they come back to alden stores in the future. In a good ravello shade.
That light green baby poo?!?!?That's the cigar I love. I must have visited alden sf after you did because I bought one of those (2 sizes too big) and freaking love it.Wipe w damp cotton rag, 5 min brush.My pc screen saver USED to run photos from our picture folders. Had to change that after company saw a few shoefies.
1. This photo will be for educational purposes.2. My wife knows my shoe pictures exist, I never take them when she's around.
Joe, I would love to see a picture of your ravello belt next to ravello shoes.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words. i would highly recommend ravello lwbs.
Pretty awesome mrfixit
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