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[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.gilby, same happens to me. i wear the tankers more often than the plaza indys.sftg, 
day 4. Alden #8       back row: sw x bb, halleck x unionmade, plaza x frans boone, cap toe boots, tanker x leffot, saddles front row: saddles x leffot, nst, alt wien x epaulet, lwb, tassels x bb
good lord... love the tassels and trousers dubs.Great whiskey - green pairing. that's my favorite whiskey combo.Best of luck with those. I would have PMed you if i didn't have a similar pair. They look awesome.
[[SPOILER]] Thank you gentlemen for the kind words. I should have saved yesterday's picture for today's whiskey wednesday....jr, cheershenry, stay classy san diegosftg?!?!?! i thought you left us
Dude, buy them.
day 3. Alden whiskey       back row: ptb, short wing boots x aom, indy x aom, lwb x citishoes front row: short wing x harrison limited, monk mto, mahogany lhs, hayburner saddles x blackbird
Wow! i will steal that combo.nicely done sir.lovely boots donl. that is such a rich color.
great boots and combo dubs. that ravello is looking good.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. 
great family portrait. details on the floor please (we're hoping to upgrade our floors)thanks for sharing your collection.really nice way to start the year. i like the crispy clean look. word.i should have taken more group photos yesterday. my wife was at work, perfect weather, and my daughter helped me with the shoes. today we had rain and my daughter was back at school. one of alden's best. you wear them well.i love those boots. 
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