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great boots. i wish all my boots had commando soles.so nice. i've tried 5 local cobblers, they do not have the equipment or experience to help.you should consider shipping to one of the recommended shops like b nelson or inn8chiro's guy.
ravello wednesday
Looking good my friend. Tough to beat them boots. Ravello's the true king. (Brave cuz uncle mac's MIA)That's a healthy looking lawn as well.
J.crew snuff - #8
I've paid more for other saddles. These are my favorite as well. I'm sure a pair will come around sooner or later.I'm sure mike could make it happen.
saddles x j.crew
Awesome Ben. Thanks for sharing.
Sadly, they're 1/2 size too big for me.
I should explain.My dad let me use his volkswagen fox when I was in college. 
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.holy crap! so nice.strong work ben. great boots.welcome back my friend. the boots are very nice sazon. i like these more and more. i'm trying to resist because i'm on 2 other brown suede boot pre-orders....nice call sir. 
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