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HOT FIRE!Your boots are so nice.
Nice vtips, very unique.Are you happy w the shoe brush in your picture? I like shoe brushes, I'd like to know if this one is worth the extra money.Awesome.Very good looking shoe.
I think Aberdeen nst shoes and boots have the best proportions. I like the spacing, shape, and stitching better.
Thank you rtp. Go get some.Thank you sir.Mine are from leffot.I like the brass as well. I want bnelson to put brass eyelets on my ravello lwb. I'm after the jcrew ravello lwb look.
Great shoes donl. That color is so rich.
blue suede
Thanks for the kind words mdubs. I really enjoy my nsts.Your jcrew ravello + brass lwbs are killer. I want some.That's a great shot. I love me some lwbs.I really like your results. I think it makes that shoe look much better, I assume leffot will be offering light edge #8 monks this fall.
Didn't get a pair.Yes, reminds me of concert ticket panic. We are going to need "alden-hub"
1. That's not even rare shell. 2. I disagreed last week, but now I think, alden IS cool.
Ha.No, that's my back yard.
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