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Really nice boots ben.very nice shoes and holiday pants [[SPOILER]] killer combo mdubs.
#8/suede saddles x j.crew
great looking boots. the horween stamp is the perfect bonus. [[SPOILER]] ravello nst is hot hot hot hot hot fire. well done my friend.
revis, it'd be interesting to hear a word from alden. i have alpine grain tankers from citishoes that have a glossy finish. my j.crew wingtip boots have more of a matte finish. i honestly didn't read the j.crew alpine cxl fine print. but, it makes sense because they do not look the same.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. rtp, these came from that mdubsies? guy. i'll get a complementary belt with my next purchase. [[SPOILER]] excellent shoes and shade of ravello my friend.those are very nice chukkas. i agree, that cigar does not look super dark.someday soon my daughter will be old enough to enjoy the capital. on that day, my family will fly to dc and we will all finally meet kathy!
very nice group shot. i've been brushing while watching soccer and football lately.the navy cxl came out great. nice boots as well.
i dont always wear balmorals (never actually), but when i do... cigar cap toe x dressy sunday church service   
Thank you.I bought the epaulet Indys pre-owned from another member.But, my cigar lwb from aoc have lightened considerably, while other cigars haven't budged.My guess is older cigar lightens more than more recent runs.
ravello pt boots  
Thank you friend. These were strictly catch and release. They're already in route to a new home.Who's selling plaza cap toe cigar boots?
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