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Lovely boots kwl.Enablers, all of you.
Thank you, recent purchase.Thank you. I do prefer lighter tones, but these are awesome.Edit: I don't like dark cigar and I don't like tassels. Thanks mdubs, thrilled to have them.
cigar tassels  
Thanks for sharing. I like your collection.Good to see you posting photos again mdubs. The lhs look so nice.I do not need cigar chukkas, I do not need cigar chukkas, I do not need cigar chukkas...I love that combo.
Thanks for the king words gentlemen.
What the hell bk. first the epaulet post and now this. You gotta let me come up for air.
Freaking awesome.
Sweet cigar sir. I don't own any Indys.... yet.Happy casual Friday. Ravello looks great.Fantastic shoes.Mdubs takes really good care of his shoes. The minimal crease thing is unexplainable.
Very nice boots sazon. Thanks for the comparison pictures, that always helps.Very nice shoes. I was very tempted to give these a try. Your pair looks great.
Ravello lhs
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