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This.And this.But mainly this; my grass is hurting. Ravello + lawn fit this pm.
Great boots sir. You wear them well.
great one two punch dubs. sweet bluchers.thank you for the kind words my friend.fantastic family pictures prez. lets see them boots.exactly! somehow makes dinner taste better.
Had dinner at "urban solace" last night. They had a huge canvas print of Ron Burgundy behind the bar, you would have approved.
Very nice boots and combo rtp. I will steal that fit.
really nice project. well done sir.that's the cigar i'm looking for. your nsts are fantastic.great buy.13E?!?!?!  that's a one in a million buy.i don't like boots being cramped into small(ish) boxes. size 13 boots should come one boot per box.
#4 sw boots   
very nice collection sir. the cigar lwb color is special.very nice color. how old are those? i only ask because i tried sf cigar chukkas once, but came out too dark.i feel the laces are too long, i wrap around to shorten the loops.WINNING!!!!I started by buying allen edmonds shell before aldens. they were more affordable and much easier to get. i eventually tried on aldens and made the switch. i have since sold all my aes including 4 shell cordovan models, i lost a few...
snuff indy  
thanks for the kind words dubs.Some things are best left unsaid. I'd like to think they were singing about something so beautiful, it can't be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it.fine suede collection you got there Mayor. the saddles are sweet.great ravello loafers today.great shoes. the wingtips look so nice...
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