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I prefer the look of the strand.
I would send them back.
i finally caught up with this thread, i've been waaaaaay behind for far too long. you guys are amazing and encourage me to keep hitting the stores. thank you everyone for sharing your finds. i love/hate seeing what the san diego members post. sad to know i missed out, encouraged to know there's so much treasures to be found.  i still thrift 4-5 times a week, 3 favorites from the last few days. ps, i miss the thrift scavenger hunts.    thrift had these crazy over...
thank you sir.i like the #4 on the 4th idea. i will play next! i think aberdeen for dressing up, barrie for jeans and chinos. depends on how you're going to wear this
Happy 4th gentlemen.  
that is some choco goodness right there mayor. well done. [[SPOILER]] those turned out great. sweet loafers watchman. [[SPOILER]] thank you for sharing your project. i really like the results. great nsts and argyles uncle mac. so nice to see you posting again.
Welcome back Uncle Mac!
[[SPOILER]] bbombers; that bufala mozzarella pizza is something else. how did they build all those homes? i was thinking the same thing, where's the home depot?peppercorn; thank you. unfortunately, we did not get to see the music festival. i'll have to plan that out better next time.atlvol; that's awesome. you're going to have a blast. i lucked out, my wife picked the amalfi coast. all i had to do was add a quick detour to ravello. she ended up liking it a lot.
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