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so jelly right now.thanks for sharing the photo. you wear them well sazon. welcome back. thanks dubs. 
no argument from me.stellar boots.thanks for the kind words sir.fantastic ravello nst collection Uncle Mac. I want a pair of these.i'll have to try to copy this. are these the new boots from aom? great cigar shade, looks like you will develop a great patina.
fb #8 dr. jones more boots should be plaza lasted on commando.  
alden dc should offer these.your chukkas look spectacular Uncle Mac.outstanding shell and combo sir.thanks chipshot. mellow indeed.
epaulet snuff alt wein  
i would send photographs to alden. i'm sure they would help you with that flaw.
great loafers dubs sweet boats. nice laces and chups
wow, great boots sir. sweet loafers chipshot, you wear them well. [[SPOILER]] thank you dubs.  very nice week dubs.the cigar nst bluchers are special.
seems like a good plan.email them ahead of time. let them know your expectations, they should be able to meet your requests.@chipshot i haven't sent exotics for recraft.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.henry, i don't know that one. i wouldn't google it, that'd be cheating. great find, the shoes have a great patina. i would send them to alden for a restoration, but ask them not to refinish the shell. you would have the best of both worlds, new feeling shoes with an awesome patina.great shoes and marcolianis Uncle Mac.
New Posts  All Forums: