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Allen edmonds are very nice I've owned about 10 pairs. I haven't bought a single pair since I discovered Aldens.
Alpine nst
Thank you bk. Had a full day of meetings, happy to rock the boats.Thanks mdubs.
#2 boats
Both shoes look spectacular. The cigars are just...Someone must have tried them on at the store before mike bought them. Mike doesn't crease shell.Great color on your boots bk.
Thank you rtp. I'm tempted by the snuff as well. The suede feels a bit lighter than the shells.Thank you bakes. Copley for unionmade.Thank you sir.Thanks uncle Mac.
Great, great, great. Love the cigars uncle Mac.+1I prefer cigar with olive tones. My newer cigars are nice but don't have the shade I'm looking for.
Blue tassels via eBay
What a great boot. Nicely done sir.
I really like those. They've been haunting me lately.Great color and shine on your boots sir.Great looking shells sazon.
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