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patrick, do us both a favor and buy the 10.5. [[SPOILER]] really cool ptbs and combo sir
cigar x anatomica
^^ agreed.
Thank you. Will pm.
Thanks for that. I'm at work, and will miss most of the rare birds. Would love to see those swatches here.
Good lord, that golden graham!!
my narrow leg openings and pull tabs  all day long.cigar brixtons? in mint condition? good lord!sweet looking loafers sir.
that made me laugh. i do feel extra happy when i wear the atoms.really cool shade there dubs. did you say they needed work? they look so good.great combo and photo, great to see you posting again.
Very nice color 8 collection dubs.Very interesting grant boots as well.
@NAMOR That's a blast from the past. I've uncuffed those pants since then. Are you rereading the thread?
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