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Great combo rtp.Really cool find mike. That's a special find.That's amazing. I didn't know I liked alden calf!!!!!!! Great buy disco. Sazon gets another assist.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the kind words gentlemen.Totalair1, sorry to hear of the strict watering rules there. There's a king of the hill episode about that.Donl, tb fits me like the Barrie, 1/2 down was perfect for me, but I have a pretty standard size.
You have been killing it lately donl. Bravo.
ravello daytrippers
agree. thank you bobbo. thanks sazon. they have great lineage
Cool boots Kai.
Thank you. This is my first pair of indys and trubalance for that matter. Arrived yesterday from a fellow sf member.Thanks uncle Mac.
Cigar indys
Great looking suede gentlemen.Is anyone else SUPER careful when they drive wearing light color suede? I scuffed a pair of boots once w a parking break pedal.
New Posts  All Forums: