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sweet boots sir. you stole them at that price.cool boots, dangerously cool socks.so awesome.didnt notice the carpet. the boots are killer.
your boots are very nice. looking good sir. nice combo donl.so nce, great color.that looks great. brave move, but it paid off.  you wear them well rtp. very nice shoes.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.chan, 20 pairs of color 2 lwbs were sold earlier this year. don't think they had been offered prior, not likely to be offered again soon.thats a nice ravello shade donl. nice combo. [[SPOILER]] nice shoes sir. [[SPOILER]] nice cigar uncle mac. so shiny too.very nice shoes dubs. put me down for some socks too, those look great.love the hallecks ben.
whiskey lwb, whiskey tremont sw, whiskey aberdeen sw, ravello nst
Steve, I would return the whiskey ptbs. I agree, color variation is a nice feature for lhs, cap toes, and lwb, but I do not like it on plain toes. For the record, my whiskey ptbs also have a blemish, but not that noticeable, so I decided to keep them and I'm very happy with them. I don't think they'll be easy to replace, but the 2 whiskey shades is a deal breaker for me.
back to work #2 lwb
Alden Ravello Day Tripper Boots #40643H x leffot Knife picture shows "shell tiger striping" common on lighter ravello shell boots. Very rare ravello shell cordovan. This is lighter ravello shell. Grant last size 10.5 b/d. They fit usa size 10.5. $700.00 shipped to the USA. paypal or local pick up.   These are in excellent condition. They have never seen the rain. They come with alden dust bags and original box, but trees are not included. I will ship them via...
You want to go half down for Barrie lasted shoes and boots. Barrie Chukkas can run narrow.
really nice uncle mac.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I'd been waiting for epaulet to re-release #8 brixtons, when the hallecks came out of no where. very happy to have them. you wear your boots well sir.nice score zippyh. great ptbs, ive been getting into spooner shirts as well. nice, nice, nice, nice. 
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