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that's disappointing. I would keep them. donl, you win. your shoes look so good.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.the bb sw fit me tts, same as the Tremont and plaza. they seem to be a bit longer and not as round as the Tremont sw.
bb sw
Keeping in mind most of us have more than one pair of shell shoes...Yes. For me, the shape is the defining factor. The marlow is sleeker than the 975. I think that sleekness is more formal. The same is true for the 975, it's probably too clunky for a suit. But if I had too, for versatility purposes, I would dress up a 975 but couldn't dress down a marlow.If I'm only packing 1 pair of nice shoes for a week long cruise. I can wear 975 to every "nice dinner" including the 2...
I find the 975 more versatile for MY needs.975 is a casual shoe which can be dressed up.Marlow is a great formal shoe. It doesn't work with casual attire for me.
Awesome.Uni-shoes right? They look great. I should have grabbed a pair.
Very cool shoes. I would love to see more photos.
 It was nice to read everyone's kind words during the day. thank you gentlemen. sftg is correct, they're on the plaza last.sftg is incorrect about who's king... that'd be ravello. [[SPOILER]]
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