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whiskey Wednesday
thanks aldenwear.
Would love to see your results.As far as customer service, nick horween is the nicest guy.
Boo. Thank you rtp. I really like alden saddles.+1Better than "grass appreciation" thread.
x jcrew
this year Halloween fell on a weekend, me and and the ghetto boys were trick-or-treatin...  
AwesomeI'm a sucker for brass eyelets. These look great.
Yes, quite versatile shoes. the 994 is also narrow looking compared to other Barrie lasted models.
#8 would be in most demand,I like ravello better.
thanks doc and others for your kind words.the jeans are armoury for epaulet. that was their first wear, im happy with them. beautiful mike. holly crap!!epic photo. nice, nice, nice, nice.I remember this photo, still a classic. well played rtp. sweet boats.
New Posts  All Forums: