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great boots and combo dubs. that ravello is looking good.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. 
great family portrait. details on the floor please (we're hoping to upgrade our floors)thanks for sharing your collection.really nice way to start the year. i like the crispy clean look. word.i should have taken more group photos yesterday. my wife was at work, perfect weather, and my daughter helped me with the shoes. today we had rain and my daughter was back at school. one of alden's best. you wear them well.i love those boots. 
day 2. Alden cigar.       boots: plain toe x anatomica, indy x epaulet, medallion cap toe x dc, short wing x ls, cap toe x aom. shoes: cap toe bals x tsm, lwb x aoc, nst x tsm, tassels x harrison limited.
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen.Steve, i sold my ravello lhs due to fit issues. i hope to find the right pair in the future.i also sold my daytrippers when dc on commando arrived. leffot's had a lighter color, but i prefer commando soles. i understand why you kept both.yes sir. nicely played.great cigar lwbs. they look so nice with that edge.i do the same. football, golf, british premier league... all good company for brushing.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.antique edges look fantastic. great looking boots.
good looking out TO edited to plaza boot.
following @mdubs lead.   Day 1. Alden ravello. first because it is my favorite shell color.        boots: cap toe x dc, short wing x tsm, nst x tsm, plain toe x anatomica, plaza x frans boone. shoes: red lwb x dc, nst x tsm, lwb x aoc, tassels x leffot, sw x ls, ptb x leffot.
fantastic collection sir. bonus points for chups and shoe care action shot.awesomeness as always dubs. such a nice collection of ravello shell.i may have to steal this idea as well. fantastic work gentlemen. keep them family photos coming.
fantastic boots my friend. strong ravello showing this first week.Freaking Awesome. Well deserved. Mayor Dubs!yes please!!!!
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