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  killer suede boots and whiskey loafers. nicely done dubs. your boots look great. nicely done. A+the sleekness, eyelets, color, lacing... it looks so good uncle mac.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I was lucky to get these before ravello got difficult to find.I had time to turn them down a couple of times before I pulled the trigger. oh, the good old days.
Thank you sir.The pants are factory find rivets from Epaulet. Golden sanded UK steep twill. Yes, I had to look that up.
nice boots and combo. did you wax the cap? it looks extra shiny.
so nice to have light in the morning before work. ravello sw boot x tsm  
Alden Snuff Suede Long Wing Bluchers #97785 x J. Crew Barrie last size 10 b/d. They fit usa size 10.5. $375.00 shipped to the USA. paypal or local pick up.   These are in excellent condition. Worn and photographed about 5 times, they've never seen the rain. They come with alden dust bags, but trees and box are not included. I will ship them via priority mail to the USA, contact me for overseas inquiries. Thanks for your consideration.
snuff short wings + brass  
great photo. thanks for sharing. congrats. the shoes look great.
Stunning.I have 10+ year old whiskey monks from ebay. I call them my ravello monks.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.the boots are on trubalance for leffot. maybe antique, but on the darker side.
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