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Fantastic boot Sazon. How old and from where please.@donl wow, great shoes.
Yes, yes, yes, and yes. [[SPOILER]]
i would play in the Alden San Francisco open.
very happy with the new burgundy shell sneakers. burgundy next to brown shell i wear the brown pair 2 - 3 times a week
great combo. the pants are outstanding.
Because one day I'll have access to a time machine.... I'd like to know, was anyone able to order Alden mto back in the day, or was it only for a few vip customers.
I wish they were my size
Thanks for the info.Great boots, the color is perfect.
i really like whats going on here. great ravello shade. about how old are these boots?awesome shortwings this week. great cigars and whiskeys sir.Wow mayor. the ravello loafers and cigar indys are looking fantastic.
I would pass. It's exciting to find $500 Aldens at thrifts, but this particular pair will not yield a profit.Calf, tassels, poor condition... Just too many strikes.I've sold calf tassels in very good condition on eBay for around $125.
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