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zr0e, Thanks for sharing your story. I can't imagine having those boots for years and not wearing them. Ravello from that era would scratch that itch, but that's some serious self control. For me, it would be like buying a fresh roll from Cinnabon and not eating it. That's a good analogy because Alden #4 is exactly like Cinnabon, look it up. Best of luck with your boots.
^ deer bone
thank you my friend. was lucky to find them on ebay a few months ago. they're from 2012, a very good year for cigar. thank you for your kind words.
cigar nst  first wear    
 i really like the color. there may still be hope for new #8. 
ravello x dc  
looking good sir. are these from the first or second run?please say second, please say second...
Thanks for the update Dylan. What a nightmare. Ups went on strike years ago, I worked at a distribution center at the time. We had to drive everything to a post office station, it was true mad max there. And nyc - San Diego; USPS priority - 3 days Ups ground...
fantastic cigar and dark brown collection dubs. lots of great horses there, i love that ct blucher. duuuuuuude, i don't know how you guys do it. i am convinced windows 10 was developed by apple moles. my hp is still battling the update.well played apple.lovely color. great photo. [[SPOILER]] thanks dubs. 
Yes, they're on the barrie. I think these fall in the "regular basis for cigar" category. I would expect Madison will order more, but it may be a long wait for the next run. I had the grant cigar boots from dc, these are a bit more casual and fit my wardrobe better.
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