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thank you sir. tsm sold a few odd sizes late last year. one never knows when some will be offered.
10.5 tts.He asked.If my answers frighten you, then you should cease asking scary questions.More realistic given the times.#8 Barrie sw, antique edge, commando.
ravello nst on Aberdeen (subject to change by tomorrow)
BOOM.They are amazing. I'm sure you've mentioned this before, where are these from? Last?
Sweet loafers mdubs.
Congratulations, the colors look amazing.Sweet lord blue. Your shoes are special.
Thanks.I miss uncle Mac.Looking good rtp. Great shine, nice lawn.Thank you sir. It's my favorite combo at the moment.
That's a great start. The color is spectacular.
I have my pants tailored to 15 in with no break. barrie with slim (to me) pants
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