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@ReppTiePrepster   i spy your new boots on the styleforum homepage my friend. i knew him when...
nice save, the shoes look great.you wear them well ben, nice combo.i would keep them if that was the only flaw.
Outstanding find and job well done dubs.Very nice shoes my friend. As good as Aldens get.Very nice collection sir, thanks for sharing.
[[SPOILER]] wow mike. solid choice sir.great friday shoe my friend. ravello and navy look great together.yes, i'm sure i could make it work. i'm just trying to talk myself out of that beautiful bag., they look very nice.
Great boots sazon. You wear them well.
Thanks for sharing, most if us have "whiskey shell fever." I think it's fair game here.I only wish the bag was a bit larger, it's roughly:17' x 10' x 9' Purse size if you ask me. Then again, bigger would make it even more more more expensive.
@Watchman1 Very nice and very nice. Congrats sir.
dark lapis vitale barberis flannel from "ends for our friends" thank you ep team, they're amazing.
suede n brass x ls
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