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there's a pair of ravello full strap loafers on ebay right now. size 9.5 $375 obo i do not own any full straps, but i would certainly give these a try if they were my size.
cigar x anatomica  
your short wings are developing a great patina. great shoes sir.surprised to see you wearing boots sir. i also think they're trubalance. they are great looking for sure.fantastic photos, thank you for sharing.
snuff indy  
cigar x aoc  
thank you ricky.thanks, the tongue perforations are a great detail.
fantastic boots uncle Mac. lovely ravello shade.great photo and combo sir. i have a pair of similar snuff boots i'm trying to sell. i may reconsider come the fall.
Thank you jso1. Your boots are amazing. Ravello nst boot is my favorite Alden make up. Shunted, my atoms are from 2011. I have seen 4 pairs pop up for re-sale since they were released.
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