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3 people have recognized my aldens in the wild, nordstroms shoe salesman, tj max clerk, buffalo exchange clerk.
whiskey monks  
They fit me tts, same as alden for bb tassels.
That's a dangerous list, I wouldn't let the ladies see that.
alden new york is running ravello short wing bluchers.  that is an impressive list mdubs.i hope you find every one of the grails on your list for next year. 
[[SPOILER]] nice boots sir. way to finish the year strong. i love ebay, and trust ebay. but, my gut is telling me there's something wrong here.  [[SPOILER]]
Yes, vintage Florsheim imperial cordovans run tts. I had an awesome pair about 2 years ago. Equal in quality to 975.Your whiskey looks so nice donl.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. yes, plaza lasted. started raining about an hour ago, will finish the day wearing adidas. 2015 alden list:epaulet alt-weinsmadison ravello swbmadison whiskey sw bootleather soul suede sw boot
very nice boots and combo sir. love the grape cardigan.awesome inn8chiro,  
ravello dr. jones x frans boone  
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