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What a great boot. Nicely done sir.
I really like those. They've been haunting me lately.Great color and shine on your boots sir.Great looking shells sazon.
Thank you tommy. I think they're my favorite boots.Thanks uncle Mac.Thanks mdubs, it was ravello nst Tuesday for some reason.
That hurts. I want a pair of those jcrew ravellos.
  mdubs is correct. my ravello boots are from an older run and came in that sahde.mdubs, your boots look great sir.
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen.sacafotos, like Alcibiades mentioned, Aberdeen fits tts and even narrower and shallower in the toe area for the nst boot. I do not wear Aberdeen with jeans, they seem a bit dressy.tifosi and buda, my home pc sometimes uses old photos including my alden selfies as screen savers, they scroll across the screen. quite embarrassing.
ravello Aberdeen nst sacafotos, carmina does many things well, some better than alden. I have tried but failed to scratch the alden itch with carmina, they are two different beasts.
Cool cobble stones, great shell. All you need is a leaf blower. Make it happen esoxm.You're living the life. Congratulations.Great combo Mac. The lhs look splendid.Wow, great shoes sir. Very classy.
Donl, your photos played a BIG role on me ordering a pair this time. Thanks for sharing.
Mdubs unlined whiskey unicorns are from brooks brothers. Nice nsts uncle Mac. I see what you did there.
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