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#2 lwb x aoc  
i would send them back.nice pairing with dress trousers. i haven't tried that... yet.yes. i wear leather soles indoors for an hour or 2. don't deed to with commando soles.fantastic combo with blue marcolianis. [[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.dubs, i'll steal your old laces if these ever snap. 
cigar x ls  
great collection and photograph. amazing in every way. the shoes are awesome. well done donl. i would totally steal that fit, but i don't have those pants... or those boots...fantastic saddles. you wear them well dubs.great looking shoes sir. bonus points for uniqueness. great ptbs and pants. have a great semester.
nice collection sir. thank you for sharing. [[SPOILER]] wow henry. great collection. i forget you wear aosd sizing. well done sir.great family photo. great cigar indys, really nice color.special forces! nicely done dubs. 
great boot collection. nice to see modifiedreally great saddles. we need a sunlight shot.great family pic. smart choices.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.@mdubs, yes i did. [[SPOILER]] i would ask for a replacement pair. [[SPOILER]] lovely boots sir.
ravello plain toe boots x anatomica    [[SPOILER]]
@EP Dylan I love factory tour pictures and videos. Thank you for sharing.
This.And this.But mainly this; my grass is hurting. Ravello + lawn fit this pm.
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