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I heard these were banned from the thread.Because it hurts so much.
Aberdeen tts loafers are my best fitting loafers.
Congratulations, fantastic buy. I don't feel you overpaid, thats a rare bird you found.I also feel you got an nfl Sunday discount on the boots.I also think size 10.5 would have gone for much more.
oh my nice in every way.great boots my friend.the dominique wilkins of alden boots.that's a lot of suede mayor. your choco tankers look fantastic.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.
sweet looking boots.i heart this photogreat loafers chip.
@SpooPoker yes, you have unicorn grade alden boots. sleek last, discontinued shell color, and low production number. i sold my lindricks when these arrived. best of luck with your auctions this week.   cigar x ls  
Fantastic RTP.
5 months of regular wear, even brush them clean periodically....$500 boots....Completely unacceptable.
^ hideous, poor stitching and odd proportions... What size and how much do you want for them?
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