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ravello wt boot  
so good sir.rtp, i can see your smile from here, thanks for sharing.sftg means well but he's confused. i think he thinks the lighter color boot is #8.   dude, they sell medicine for that.great shoes, amazing shine uncle mac. thank you sir. yes, aberdeen no hooks. soon enough and totally worth the wait.
ravello nst  
Hot fire rtp, your boots are just perfect.Mdubs is the shell whisperer, his boots are the Benjamin buttons of our thread.
i'll play as wellbefore and after
That's the best looking boot I own. Fact, not opinion.The shoe mart.
I'm not a dog person, but this toy might send the wrong message."It's ok to chew on shoes"Great combo sazon.
lee kee vintage shell
olive cigar shell nst boot aberdeen on antique all eyelets.
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