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ravello sw boots are VERY similar to #4 sw boots.and ravello sw boots are also very difficult to find.so much awesomeness there sazon. love the new suede. also appreciate the different terrains, well done.outstanding donl. you wear them well.them boots, them pants, good lord.outstanding sir. love the new boots, trying to resist.
[[SPOILER]]thank you for the kind words gentlemen. 
#4 x tsm
that's unfortunate. i would keep if the right shoe creasing was the ONLY issue. you're likely to find other issues with your next pair if you return these. you will also make those same creases in about 10 minutes of wear.
i understand why you returned them. they were too creased for full retail.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.sweet suede and denim combo. great suede combo [[SPOILER]] looking great as usual donl.  [[SPOILER]] great buy. the last and color are very nice.killing it dubs. happy whiskey Wednesday to you.
navy cxl  
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. shawnc, im glad you get my humor.dubs, the pants come w 3d glasses.amazing cigar sir. aberdeen nsts are the bees knees.
alpine grain bals  
fixed that.89826 was not asking about naismith, he was asking about mj.
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