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not spoiled for awesomeness. will try to duplicate.great looking boats sir.CT barrie boots feel tighter to me as well but only when they're brand new. they fit fine after a couple of wears.here's my pair. they were recrafted about a year ago. they came back darker than the original color but look and feel like new. bison (not buffalo ) on plaza x aoc  
Unicorn boats with kryptonite eyelets. They kill me every time.First, these ladies are spoken for. Second, they don't make them often. However, my pair is from this year's run for alden of Madison. You should build a relationship with that shop and start praying.Unbelievable sir. They're so nice.I have them, they're buffalo hide nst on plaza. Adam also sold them in black. I'll share a fit pic tomorrow.Outstanding boots sir.Thank you for the kind words. I really like the...
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.
looking great as usual donl. the pants are killer as well.great saddles and whiskeys my friend.awesome boots sir.great boats watchman. i love that shade.sweet sweet sweet loafers dubs. 
whiskey wednesday x aom  
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. @walds11,  I did play 18 today.   did not wear white suede. so nice zippyh
white suede lwb x leffot
Maybe, But I tried on aberdeen cigar nsts there and passed. In my defense, I was with my wife. bought a cigar belt instead. One of my big alden regrets.
Congratulations on your big day. killer shoes @TO Tie Guy   my guess is alden of san francisco
nice suede and combo rtp.sweet cigar sir. sweet lhs. nice to see you posting fits again.so choice rtp. good to know these unicorns found a good home.awesome. outstanding, they look outstanding.imo, dark cigar can be underwhelming. light cigar is the bees knees.
New Posts  All Forums: