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duuuuuude..... your boots look so nice. i'm not a chromexel expert. however, i've bought aldens that fit a little big and a little small in the past. a little big is fine, thick socks or insoles make them work just fine. a little small does not work for me. i've tried breaking them in, wooden shoe tree stretching, not wearing them all day...... epic fail, all 3 times, sell for a loss.
Awesome shoes sir. The Alden brush is a nice touch.Thank you. My pair is from the shoe mart's seconds list. I believe Alden of Madison sells a similar make-up.
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen. these were my first alden boot purchase. deep end!tommyb, love the boots, socks, and rug.mayor, sharp bals yesterday. very pro.awesome photo. the cigar chukkas have my favorite cigar shade. the whiskey nsts must have a story as well. details please.
thank you mayor.i would keep them.fantastic bluchers sir. great combo
ravello x frans boone    
looks like it could be wax or paste build up. i no longer use reno products because they dry my shell too much. i would wipe with a wet rag and brush. i have not been able to completely eliminate those marks in the past, but you can make it a lot better.ptb
snuff indy    
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen.kwl, your boots are awesome. give them some play time.not often. they're very difficult to get at the moment. you have to have a relationship with a retailer and get lucky.money! the shoes and trousers are perfect.love the nst loafers mayor, cool pants as well.
ravello x anatomica    
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. [[SPOILER]] Solid combo Ben. well done.on the positive side, you're able to get the right size and not have to pay for any return shipping. [[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words mayor. i still have a naval boots size whole in my collection. yours look great.
New Posts  All Forums: