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Donl, your photos played a BIG role on me ordering a pair this time. Thanks for sharing.
Mdubs unlined whiskey unicorns are from brooks brothers. Nice nsts uncle Mac. I see what you did there.
Perfect mdubs.
Yes, with a vintage Disco Volante [[SPOILER]]
Winner winner! That's an awesome result.
Nice work mdubs, been killing it with suede week.My favorite movie.
I agree with totalair1. Good luck patina. I also try to see the issue from several points of view. As an avid alden junkie, I don't like members flipping seconds on eBay because it'll make it harder to get my hands on the seconds I want. It'll become like orchestra tickets to my favorite shows. Scalpers will get them first, I'll have to overpay if I want them bad enough. I'm not concerned with the ethics, I just want my discounted Aldens and my concert tickets. As an avid...
Bk, Great looking longwings. The light edge frames the shell so well.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for the kind words everyone.Sacafotos mentioned alden should show some appreciation for my photos, I agree. I would like a factory tour. Alden could charge a tour fee for charity. It really wouldn't cost them anything, a tour would be awesome. Someone get leffot to set up a factory tour pre-sale.
Whiskey nst??? Gorgeous Mac, outstanding shine.
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