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Congratulations, the colors look amazing.Sweet lord blue. Your shoes are special.
Thanks.I miss uncle Mac.Looking good rtp. Great shine, nice lawn.Thank you sir. It's my favorite combo at the moment.
That's a great start. The color is spectacular.
I have my pants tailored to 15 in with no break. barrie with slim (to me) pants
Those look great and pretty new sir.You wear them well.
That's disappointing.I don't get excited about aldens until I have them on.Similar situations have happened to me at least 3 times. (2 times w cigar)
Thank you ironclad. Sadly, we have wild fires every year.My house, family, and shoes are far from the fires.We expect temperatures to be around 100 for the next couple of days, shorts and suede Aldens to work.Sweet whiskey and combo sir.
Thank you tifosi. This shade has more caramel than others. I like the caramel colors.Sacafotos, the pants are French blue rivets from Epaulet.
This will be our "that's what she said" joke from now on.Well played bakes.
Atl, I would keep the boots, don't look back, don't think about it anymore. I would keep them w the flaws if they fit right. Fit pic by tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: