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Sweet boots steel. Long live tanker Tuesday.Nice suede, digging the eyelet detail. The jeans look great as well.
Tanker Tuesday
freaking awesome. they look so good ironclad.
Preppy is subjective. The least preppy guy here is the preppiest person at their office. For me, #8 lhs.
Thanks namor. I see you're rereading the thread.That's a great photo blue. Love that color.Yes, get well soon mdubs.Bk, great saddles. Total head turners.Awesome boots.Sweet combo donl. Had the pants in my cart several times, couldn't justify another blueish pair. Yours look so good.Nice longwings sir.
Awesome boys. It's been difficult not to wear mine, I got them Tuesday.
great boots. don't forget about tanker Tuesday.
Sweet bucks sir. Enjoy your suede.
The new version would be filled with mdubs photos.
I'm kind of glad, saved me a few bucks. I am not aware of this "zug" fella. I try not to read about EGs or vintage Porsches, can't afford either one.
New Posts  All Forums: