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Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, 10 is the new 30.Every reason is a good reason to buy new Aldens, good luck finding the right pair. Van last is a tricky fit.Outstanding loafers dubs. You wear them well.
its an abusive relationship.Apparently, mdubs raises his on horses. The rest of us beg, steal, and borrow.
whiskey wednesday x harrison ltd.    
i vote for snuff. recently bought a pair w red brick sole and love them.2009?!?!!? they sold aldens back then? i had not found uncle mac's pictures yet. i was going through my "prada sport" period... we would be in serious trouble. time machine please.sweet loafers burzan. disappointed i missed out on the recent tsm run. 
[[SPOILER]]thank you for the kind words gentlemen.@schmallo15 the pants are caramel driggs from epaulet, can't recommend that brand enough.congratulations MP. i wish you and your family the best of luck.nice full straps dubs. i like your "loafer period", very picasso.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.@sazon  i'm sorry, i must be going color blind.@ReppTiePrepster  bought them from a fellow sf member. originally for the lakota house.
#4 nst      
Congratulations Ben!
@ironclad wins today. Fantastic work.
thank you siryes sir. fantastic boots.killing it zippyhawesome boots and photosweet green - whiskey combo rtp.
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