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send them back. ebay has your back as a buyer even if the seller does not offer refunds. time to ship them back.
Did you explain that mdubs shell doesn't crease?!?!?!
thanks. the straps show shell rolls, some cracking, but no calf creasing. and.... i could tell they were shell from 20 feet away, i floated above ground to grab them before someone else did.alden shop black friday wayw fit would be epic.
i thrifted these world war one shell cordovan shin guards today. i realize it's not alden related, but figured some may be interested.   [[SPOILER]]
those look like the infamous and inferior browncolor4s of 2012!too bad.what size are they?
brassvellos are so good and so mean. fantastic mayor.  [[SPOILER]]thank you gentlemen for the kind words.
whiskey tanker x leffot and armoury jeans x epaulet  
THIS!There's been a couple of grail offerings the last couple of days here. I really appreciate folks like Jason who give us first crack and at reasonable prices. BRAVO! with that in mind  [[SPOILER]]
i cant speak for the mayor, but i'm slowing down. so far this year, 0 aldens. fantastic saddles sir.great color my friend. you wear them well.daaaaaaaaang! i will steal this look. [[SPOILER]] these are awesome. i have a pair of whiskey ptbs that look a lot like my ravello ptbs...
@wdahab What a fantastic score.
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