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whiskey ptb
sweet ptbs, congratulations.great boots dubs. very nice cigar shade and the commando, i wish all boots had commando soles.
[[SPOILER]] outstanding Ben. hope your're enjoying your trip. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen
ravello x dc
great color. nice pants as well.good lord! nicely done sir.
whiskey wednesday
thanks for the kind words sir. cigar lwbs today
[[SPOILER]] wow gentlemen. great ravello display. 
bummer. the madison store usually ships shoes in individual plastic bags. i love that they include alden trees with purchases.i also think with wear the bumps will be less noticeable. [[SPOILER]] great boots. whiskey? fancy last from overseas vendor?i think the iphone 6 plus has a better camera than the iphone 6. @mdubs takes some pretty amazing shots with his plus.yep, perfect. 
New Posts  All Forums: