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Hot fire rtp, your boots are just perfect.Mdubs is the shell whisperer, his boots are the Benjamin buttons of our thread.
i'll play as wellbefore and after
That's the best looking boot I own. Fact, not opinion.The shoe mart.
I'm not a dog person, but this toy might send the wrong message."It's ok to chew on shoes"Great combo sazon.
lee kee vintage shell
olive cigar shell nst boot aberdeen on antique all eyelets.
Factory seconds insider???Would love to have one, and would die protecting my source.
5) Call Kathy at least once a year.
Black ctBlack tankerI struggle with rules when it comes to shell.You have a way with words buda. And excellent taste, ms Lawrence makes me smile.
@rydenfan  i love the lwb + chups. we need a name for that, its going to be a thing. @mcarthur  you may disagree, but your cigar ct boots should be in a museum. @ReppTiePrepster thats the right ravello right there. @mdubs  great combination sir. @meowmix1891 you should send the back, you don't love them, that's all that matters.
New Posts  All Forums: