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Suede lwb x leffot
Is that rider pebble shell?!?!?!
thank you sir. i feel fortunate.
 perfect contrast. that's the colors im looking for.great group photo. thanks for sharing nice boots disco volante. the shell stamp always makes me smile. perfect combo uncle mac.
[[SPOILER]] that's awesome. I love your new boots. I can see my main man, sazon, picking up the phone for the alpine cap toes. fantastic mdubs. you have a special pair of boots there.
I use alden boot cream on shell. It was recommended by the alden San Francisco guy. I really like the results. I don't use Reno anymore. It dries up my shell.
Fine looking boots inn8chiro.
Great combo. We should coin a term for alden + epaulet fits.Unreal. That's a special pair of boots.
Killing it sir. Carry on.
New Posts  All Forums: