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Excellent looking boots, nice grab.You lucky dog.
[[SPOILER]] classic and awesome combo dubs.lovely saddles
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. the pants are walts from epaulet. golden twill factory finds from last year.
Thank you gentlemen.I love wearing them, even though no one irl understands how special they are to me.
color 4 x tsm  
strong work gentlemen. ravello plain toe looks amazing.outstanding boots steve.very nice and rare. should have no problem getting your money back.quickly becoming one of my favorite shoes. your cigars look great.sweet looking boats my friend.great boots mike, cant believe how pristine they look.great shoes and combo namor.
great collection sir.  [[SPOILER]] nice combo dubs. blue suede looks great.
[[SPOILER]] OMAHA, OMAHA, OMAHA!nice ptbs dubs. the color is great.
your hallecks are freaking nice.pretty great sir, i didn't realize i liked those till now.nice suede and denim dubs. very very nice boots my friend. recent black shell boot fits pushed me over the edge today. pics in about a week.a friend of mine believes these are "just shoes and not rembrandts"holly cow, what a great pair of shoes.
Thank you dubs, creepy indeed. Nice loafers this week, whiskey wins that race.
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