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whiskey wednesday 
Thanks dubs. Your cap toes are freaking great.Awesome, thank you for sharing.
#8 x frans boone  
revis, can you please post one of uncle mac's pictures every day.  not sure. i placed 2 orders in december and was told 8 - 18 months before they arrive. choco tankers and snuff sw boots.
love this.used to keep mine in bags, changed to a similar set up about a year ago and like it much better. i like to see my options in the morning.true story, i tried to buy a pair of lwbs from @mdubs not realizing i had an identical pair at home. hiding in dust bags.i dust them every couple of weeks. it's actually kind of fun.deposit down at ls. i hope they look as nice as yours. and hope they come sometime this year. i have to make room, i'm over my limit.he's a very...
alpine on crepe
@katch you're hired! Best of luck today sir.
ravello x dc
@Bbombers85 thanks for the info. Sweet ptbs.
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