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[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words.ttownmd, as mdubs mentioned, my pairs from alden dc. there's not a lot of ravello shell at the moment, you may have to wait a few months for a pair.
Thank you rydenfan.Not ep, but certainly ff inspired.Vintage thrift find, my tailor worked her magic to make them right for me.
great combo dubs. keep posting all the photos, i always open the spoiler.
ravello lwb   
i would send them back to alden, have them fix itsweet suede boots dubs. nice jeans as well.
happy 4th of july folks 2 holiday projects sanded and oiled the yard table gave a few aldens some much needed tlc  
favorite find from last week n/a vilebrequin x breitling favorite from this week n/a no nwt loro piana navy cashmere hoodies left behind  true thrift but because the neimans price tag was there... paid $65 fits perfectly, may have to keep.   
Anniversary ravello!?!?So nice sir. Sign me up for a pair.I've been looking for a pair of these at a good price. Glad you found some.What do you wear them with? Combo picture please.
[[SPOILER]] Jon, you have every right to feel disappointed. i would be disappointed if i had paid full retail for #8 chukkas with that blemish. the problem in your case is that you wore them before noticing the finishing flaw. that being said, alden should have taken care of you. that is poor qc, they know it, and should have replaced them. i think comparing your alden experience to your allen edmonds experience is fair. allen edmonds takes care of their customers even if...
pull straps are an issue for me because i wear tapered trousers. they catch, they bug. they may not be a problem if you wear "regular" pants.i've cut straps off some boots before.amazing shell and combo dubs. 
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