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fantastic tassels Uncle Mac. that color and shine is great.
what a great score. well done jso1.
teak shell tennis trainers thrilled to have em, mike and adele hit it out of the park with these.   teak on teak  
#4 Aldens are as easy to wear as Ravello. There's not much of a difference between the two colors in real life. They're a little more red if you compare them side by side up close, but unnoticeable when wearing them. The real difference may only be for the true Alden aficionado who gets to wear a pair. I love the pictures, appreciate their rarity, the effort involved in securing a pair, and owner retrain for not immediately listing them on eBay for a handsome payday. Btw,...
nice collection. thank you for sharing.
shell color variation is part of the alden experience, particularly true with exotics like cigar. i think its one of the reasons why they now make cigar SUPER dark.it would bother me, but its up to you.awesomeand awesomestrong work sir. looking sharp.fantastic boots. they look great with olive.clearly, there's a new king in aldentown. 
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen. i was excited to wear wool trousers today. it only gets cold here a handful of times a year.great boots. i also like the crispy new look.well done don. the colors and textures are superb.very nice whiskey Uncle Mac. sharp socks as well.
mogano shell sport trainer    
I would also recommend the large.
whiskey indy  
New Posts  All Forums: