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Thank you gentlemen.The lwbs are from alden of Carmel.
Yes. I also want to try brass on ravello lwb to mimic mdubs jcrews.Fit pic is in order.That hurt me. I recall that member finding ravello sw x leather soul in his closet. It hurts because I had a chance to buy a pair from the store and hesitated.
Awesome in every way. I may have to wear mine this week.I'm picturing Ron Swanson opening his hand crafted american made ptbs and seeing that defect. He would come unglued. I love Ron Swanson.These do make a compelling argument for king lwb. Great shoes.Nice grab. Petrol and shell go like peas and carrots.
those look great uncle mac. have a great sunday.
+1.  hard to do shiny shoes, sockless with shorts in san diego as well. I will get there with time. thank you ryden. yes recent purchase from citi. difficult for me to pass on alpine + nst + brass + commando. really nice examples, your brown strands and mcallisters look great.
Allen edmonds are very nice I've owned about 10 pairs. I haven't bought a single pair since I discovered Aldens.
Alpine nst
Thank you bk. Had a full day of meetings, happy to rock the boats.Thanks mdubs.
#2 boats
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