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[[SPOILER]] thank you gentlemen.stevefok; yes, original commando soles. very comfy.
whiskey wednesday  
[[SPOILER]]thanks for the kind words gentlemen.fantastic combos donl. i really like the light gray and dark shell you've been sporting lately. i will steal this.hot unicorn fire!fantastic loafers Mayor. That color and patina is unmatched.
ravello x ls    
Oh, it's way better looking than I imagined it would be. I've always wanted an Alden belt.
So jealous right now.That's my size too. Pictures please sir.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.that's a killer deal on a rare bird.plain toe boots should work well for casual environment. don't overthink it, wing tip and straight tip shell boots are soon to follow.
#4 nst  
there's a pair of ravello full strap loafers on ebay right now. size 9.5 $375 obo i do not own any full straps, but i would certainly give these a try if they were my size.
cigar x anatomica  
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