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I love that this rare pair resurfaced for sale at a reasonable price. I'm chasing a few unicorns and today's rare sighting gives me hope. My unicorns: 1. Leather soul #4 ptb, 2. Tsm #4 sw boot, 3. Leffot cigar atoms. I was lucky to cross one MAJOR unicorn off my list last month, cigar sw boots on the plaza.
So awesome sazon, so awesome.Sweet boats donl. I really like the tweed combo.Nicely done sir.
Heading home today, spring break pic.
So nice mdubs. You wear them well.
Great boots sir. Grant?Nice indy-denim-floors combo. Your boots have aged very well.
Very nice combo bkotsko. Sweet looking boots.Has to be one of Aldens best. Nice nsts sir.
You know it.I know people swear by the godfather and such... For me, the goonies is way up there.
Mdubs, the black saddles look great. I want to see pics of you wearing them.Holy Mary mother of God. Will you look at that.First, your whiskey sw are awesome, keepers for sure.It would be really difficult for me to let the "natural" shell lwb go. Keep or sell, it's nice to have options.
Pm sftg. He has them.
Rtp, we're safe. Someone already grabbed the size 10. I think the tan and navy saddles look way nice. It would have been hard for me to resist had they been available.
New Posts  All Forums: