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Agreed. Too light to be 2015.Great find sir.
@clementFR In my experience, Renovatour dries shell and adds to the white haze you see in the rolls. I only use a deer bone and brush for the most part. A little Alden natural boot cream once or twice a year. I also like Alden defender for water protection.
Fantastic. Good to know theres still some unicorns out there to be had.
If that's the "tell it to my heart," I had that cassette and played it nonstop w Tracy chapman's "fast car." 5th grade, good times.
Awesome in every way.
and so it came to pass, on that last day of November, the "goodvello" found its home.
#4 - black cordovan saddles x leather soul  
Quite versatile. Try to find a pair in the shoe Mart's seconds list. Full retail feels overpriced.Tts
Thank you for the intel sazon.
Interesting. I need this done to a pair of boots. Did they replace soles or just put them back in the lasts. I've been sitting on a pair of boots for far too long and need to get this resolved.
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