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great collection sir.  [[SPOILER]] nice combo dubs. blue suede looks great.
[[SPOILER]] OMAHA, OMAHA, OMAHA!nice ptbs dubs. the color is great.
your hallecks are freaking nice.pretty great sir, i didn't realize i liked those till now.nice suede and denim dubs. very very nice boots my friend. recent black shell boot fits pushed me over the edge today. pics in about a week.a friend of mine believes these are "just shoes and not rembrandts"holly cow, what a great pair of shoes.
Thank you dubs, creepy indeed. Nice loafers this week, whiskey wins that race.
ny, large would be to tight
ravello x aoc
great boots and photo sir.so clean, so nice.wow, just very nice collection. i love these photos.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.
#8 x leffot
killing it today sazon.
New Posts  All Forums: