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very nice. might try that.
wonderful collection. the ravello color is special. very nice cigars uncle mac. looking good mdubs. no creasing, no deerbone.
Mdubs, Sweet lord, the jumpers are so nice. Too bad you couldn't make them work. Just Awesome. Everything else looks great, i'll take one of each.
I wear mine tts, 10.5. I tried and returned the 10, they were too narrow on the toes for me.And as previously stated, there's no link. You have to go to or call the ny stores.
Try the c&j for Ralph Lauren brown shell ptbs. I am very happy with my pair and don't feel I need alden cigar ptbs, except when uncle Mac posts pic of his cigar ptbs.
Thank you gentlemen.The lwbs are from alden of Carmel.
Yes. I also want to try brass on ravello lwb to mimic mdubs jcrews.Fit pic is in order.That hurt me. I recall that member finding ravello sw x leather soul in his closet. It hurts because I had a chance to buy a pair from the store and hesitated.
Awesome in every way. I may have to wear mine this week.I'm picturing Ron Swanson opening his hand crafted american made ptbs and seeing that defect. He would come unglued. I love Ron Swanson.These do make a compelling argument for king lwb. Great shoes.Nice grab. Petrol and shell go like peas and carrots.
New Posts  All Forums: