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cigar indys x epaulet and rrl    
read this at work and couldn't reply right away... 1. rtp only tells the truth.2. i was going to say, "i don't think black shell and tan chinos would work."3. i had to go back and find the pic you mentioned. 4. maybe this could be an alden thread challenge. black shell - tan chinos fit. 2 photos from the archiveblack w caramel chinos some black with tan
teak shell sport trainer first outing    
ravello ptb en commando para leffot y epaulet twill  
@mdubs I like the new photo set up.
get the boots. work on the short game.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen.i'm going to need more information. which grail? unless it's color 4 or ravello boot, i would get the driver. i haven't been happy with my driver since i let go of my callaway ft-i a few years ago. i would love to trust my driver again.leffot tanker. commando soles with a lighter shade of shell. easy for me to wear with jeans, chinos, etc.
snuff indy x factory seconds list and tellason  
those are glorious! i wish all my color 8 looked like that.
glad to hear you came to an agreement. i know plenty of good and honest second hand shoe dealers.   i sell about 20 a month. 
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