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Bb used to sell lighter color shell shoes and belts like a dark whiskey. Your pair is probably a well aged burgundy shell. I think they look great. Your ptbs also run true to size, in case you're going to list them.
Thank you and they are Aldens. Just got them from the marketplace.Thank you sir. Red brick sole. Comfy and didn't crease much after a day of church and family gatherings. I was a bit paranoid of little ones stepping on them.Thank you sir. I love them.
Sweet saddles rtp.Saddle minds think alike...
Thanks.WOW, your sw boots are something special. Nice work. What product did you use to shine them up?
I don't use much product on the boots. the wet look is likely a result of my camera and lighting.
Happy Easter gentlemen.
rtp, I think they look great. I can see you incorporating them into your rotation just fine. I'm happy you got them. now, easter fit photo please...sorry, the ravello sw boots are staying home. forever.thank you circleslife. I wear these quite a bit, I really like them. I use trees and clean them with an old t-shirt after e wear. there must be something about this hide, they do show less rolls than other shells I have.
thanks for the kind words gentlemen. Everyone's been killing it lately on this thread. its nice to see what you guys post on a daily basis.wkl, these were a limited run from a couple of years ago. I don't want to say never, but it will be hard to track a pair down. and the size 10 doesn't help, that may be the most competitive size around here.
Ravello and color 4 are my favorite shell colors. Blasphemous, I know....Both are Barrie x the shoe mart. #4 ct, ravello sw.
Wow. Looking good stevent.
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