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Yes, I'm struggling with dark cigar. I returned dark cigar boots and sold another pair for the same reason. I did keep and love very dark cigar tassels.It's personal preference, I like the olive cigar and hope to get more of it in the future.
#4 sw boots  
Mto or not,They're awesome and will not be offered again.Unless you are on that list...
Very nice boats.So so good. I don't have #8 sw boots. I hope to score a pair soon.Awesome boots dubs.Nice combo rtp. The socks are killer.
Seems like only some alden shell reacts to water. I've had similar water spots that fade away (massive brushing), and some that have become permanent. Fortunately, the bumps are only visible up-close. I don't see them when I'm wearing the shoes.Alden defender works, got my bottle at leather soul.
I had the same predicament.You know what you have to do.
Very nice boots sir.I like the darker laces. The contrast is more interesting to me.The ravello is so good lately. Your shoes look awesome.
The first rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. I was lucky to get the email this morning. I secured a pair of boots. They should ship in about 10 months.
Thanks for the kind words gentlemen.The boots are 2-3 years old.New cigar is black or super dark #8,Everything's such a gamble now.
Outstanding dubs. A bit of synchronicity if u ask me.Wow, very nice boots.
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