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The boots look great sir.The adjustable shelves option is very clever, thanks for sharing.
Thank you and thank you.
Every married guy here has had this conversation, it's going to be ok.1. Come clean. It's no fun to have shell goods but have to hide them from your girl. I did say goods, your killer boots will be a gateway to shell belts, wallets, key fobs...2. If the horse hide is an issue use this quote:Where do you get the horse hides used for shell cordovan?Raw material quality is paramount at Horween. A great majority of our horsehides come from France and Canada where horses are...
Nice, now I like trickers too. Thanks rydenfan.
Zippyh knows.
Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means ...Thanks rtp. They're not new, but they're newish to me. I do have a new infatuation with tassels. I got it bad.
Good lord!Awesome boots.
Very nice color. I hope you pace yourself.Very nice boots. I hope you pace yourself as well.
[[SPOILER]] Great loafers coolarrow. Dark side, I'm hooked.Thanks for the kind words.
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