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[[SPOILER]] thanks for the kind words gentlemen. @walds11,  I did play 18 today.   did not wear white suede. so nice zippyh
white suede lwb x leffot
Maybe, But I tried on aberdeen cigar nsts there and passed. In my defense, I was with my wife. bought a cigar belt instead. One of my big alden regrets.
Congratulations on your big day. killer shoes @TO Tie Guy   my guess is alden of san francisco
nice suede and combo rtp.sweet cigar sir. sweet lhs. nice to see you posting fits again.so choice rtp. good to know these unicorns found a good home.awesome. outstanding, they look outstanding.imo, dark cigar can be underwhelming. light cigar is the bees knees.
what a great pair of shoes. you wear them well.
Lost the cigar nst bluchers on ebay at the last second. I hope the winning bidder enjoys them. And thanks to all who saw the listing and didn't post it here.
Awesome news sir. Can't wait to see the new arrivals.
thanks for the kind words.ny, as others have mentioned, there are rules regarding white shoes. i feel comfortable wearing them today because it's warm here and i'm on vacation.rtp, my wife does not like black and navy together. black and jeans is fine for her, but i'm pretty much forbidden from black and navy. and, sweet ravello boots my friend.
white suede saddles + white ankles
New Posts  All Forums: