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NEW. Navy blue long sleeve cotton shirt. Style is like like a polo shirt, but with long sleeves & buttons. 100% cotton pique knit. Size medium. (If you fit a medium in Banana Republic etc. this will fit you. It's roughly equivalent to a 15 1/2" collar & 34" sleeves.) Button front & cuffs. (I think the buttons are MoP, but I'm not sure.) Made in Italy. Quality is similar to Brooks Brothers, etc. Perfect unworn condition.
English villains have been wearing camel overcoats since at least the 50s. Nuffink wrong wiv lookin' a little bit Harry Dash, my son. Just make sure you get one with a large enough pocket for your sawn-off..
Borsalino hat. Dark olive green. (It may look a little faded in the pics, but it's not. It had gathered a little dust, which I didn't dust off before taking them.) Size 60, which is large, about 7 1/2 in US. Excellent condition. In answer to a couple of questions I've been asked: I bought the hat new in Venice. I don't know the model. The brim is 2 1/2 inches wide. NOW SOLD.
$850 seems a lot for a Seiko. You might consider this Prometheus as an alternative. http://www.prometheuswatch.com/product/prometheus-signatura-swiss-made-automatic-watch-enamel-black-dial-daydate/
Don't know whether the fit will work for you, but try eHaberdasher. Their own brand "Benjamin" is around $500, and are generally well reviewed here. Plus you can return it if necessary.
Sorry, but it has to be Connery. Roger Moore introduced the safari suit.
Up for sale is a NWOT dress shirt from the Benjamin Sartorial Collection. I bought a few shirts from Benjamin at eHaberdasher, and then decided this one wasn't for me. I could have returned it, but he is a good guy, so I thought I'd offer it here instead. Here are details/measurements from the website: DETAILS: Model: Tropea Fit: Trim with dual back darts. (It is definitely slim fit with high arm holes.) Color: White. Composition: 100% cotton. Royal oxford. ...
If you are asking $100, it's misleading to put $1 on the heading.
Converse Premium Linen Oxford Sneakers. Linen with leather trim. Color: Navy blue. Size: 11 (US) - 45 (EU) NEW IN BOX. $35 Shipped CONUS. ON HOLD PENDING FUNDS.
New Posts  All Forums: