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We'll be right up. Just as soon as it stops raining.
Nothing is going to fit you OTR. You might as well find the closest you can, and then get a good alteration tailor. Or go MTM.
Not everyone wants to shop at Goodwill.
Why do you even ask? Somebody gave it to you as a gift.
I think it's actually the narrow leg on the pants that makes the shoes look clunky rather than the other way around. Not that it's a problem. It reminds me of the old skinhead look of my yoof. However, while the suit fits okay, the sloped shoulders seem to make your head look very long. You might try a shirt with a larger collar to balance it better.
Saw a very nice pair by Rag & Bone in Barney's the other day. If it weren't for the $300 price tag...
40% off is a substantial discount. Comparing it to used suits on eBay is apples & oranges. You'll be hard pressed to find a store you can walk into and try things on that will beat that.
No idea whether they will work for your body type, but I think the suits are pretty good value. You can get a MTM Golden Fleece for a little over $2k, which is considerably less than you'll pay for OTR suits from any of the high falutin' Italian brands. The fabrics are from Loro Piana et al, and the suits are made by Martin Greenfield, who is well respected. I say go for it. And report back.
Don't know the pants, but their shirts are solid. I'd assume pants to be equally good.
Exellent watches & great value. Prices of the Swiss ETA movements have risen considerably, so he may be using Japanese movements in some models now, but they are all good. You could also consider Kemmner.
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