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And who made them?
When people say "modern" I think they mean that if you get something styled in the current fashion, which is very short and tight fitting with very narrow lapels (e.g. J. Crew's Ludlow suits), it is likely to go out of fashion. By comparison, the BB Fitzgerald is fairly slim fitting, with what you might call "contemporary" styling, but not so extreme. It is therefore less likely to go out of fashion so quickly.
I was told it is the difference between the chest size, and the size of the jacket's waist rather than the pants. Can someone confirm either way?
I'm not an expert, but that looks okay to me. The shoulders are a little more structured than I like, but they give it some authority. The right sleeve might be a little short.
White. I've no idea if it will look better, but it's what you want.
Essentially, you want a shoe that is reasonably flexible and a sole that is smooth and slides easily. You can buy dance shoes that will be perfect on the dance floor, but you wouldn't want to wear outside. Personally, I stuck a suede sole on a pair of Converse sneakers.
And of course he is insane.
Sounds like you might be a candidate for J. Crew. I wouldn't worry too much about the construction. If it fits and you like the style, you'll look good. Other options might be Benjamin at eHaberdasher, or Howard Yount.
I believe with BB MTM that you start with one of their existing models (Fitz, Milano, etc), and then make minor adjustments so it fits you better. Unless you want to make drastic changes, I don't think you can go too far wrong.
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