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White. I've no idea if it will look better, but it's what you want.
Essentially, you want a shoe that is reasonably flexible and a sole that is smooth and slides easily. You can buy dance shoes that will be perfect on the dance floor, but you wouldn't want to wear outside. Personally, I stuck a suede sole on a pair of Converse sneakers.
And of course he is insane.
Sounds like you might be a candidate for J. Crew. I wouldn't worry too much about the construction. If it fits and you like the style, you'll look good. Other options might be Benjamin at eHaberdasher, or Howard Yount.
I believe with BB MTM that you start with one of their existing models (Fitz, Milano, etc), and then make minor adjustments so it fits you better. Unless you want to make drastic changes, I don't think you can go too far wrong.
Don't know about cost, but I'd assume it will cost more than the pants. Definitely worth doing. I've never done it on a suit, but I did on a shirt and it improved it greatly. Nice buttons won't be cheap either.
I am the same size as you, and I just bought a Borelli that was reasonably slim fitting (although not hipster slim.) I think a lot of the more expensive brands are cut larger, because their typical clientele are older / larger, but they usually have some slimmer fitting styles.
What is shoulder season?
Visited the STF warehouse the other day looking for a birthday present for a friend. (Of course, I wound up buying a suit for myself, 'cause that's what SF does for you...) Hadn't been since he was in Venice. It really is worth a trip if you are visiting LA. Kind of like the top floor of Nieman Marcus, but at wholesale. And iff anyone needs a proxy, I'll be happy to provide the service. My fee will be a very moderately priced trinket off their shelves...
Methinks Ianiceman knows exactly who he is. But more importantly, what is Keef wearing?
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