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Get Sperry.
Lose the tie, and the rest will work.
Paul Smith London navy blue suit. 40 R. The Westbourne model. Plain lightweight navy blue cloth. 100% wool. Typical Paul Smith colorful lining. Slim fit. Made in Italy. Peak lapel. Flap pockets. Ticket pocket. Single vent. Flat front pants. No cuffs. Measurements to the best of my ability: Jacket Pit to pit - 20 x 2 = 40 Shoulders - 18 Sleeves - 24 1/2 (with an inch extra to turn down.) Length (bottom of collar) - 31 Pants Waist - 34 Inside leg - 31 (with...
Perfectly appropriate.
Double breasted would button better up against the weather.
I am skeptical. In my experience, low price buyers are the hardest to please. If it doesn't fit perfectly out of the box, they won't want to spend $50 on alterations. I think you'll end up with more returns, more complaints, and more headaches. Their complaints will then be amplified by the interwebs, and may hurt your reputation and put off buyers for the higher end merchandise. Once you go down market, it's hard to come back.
And who made them?
When people say "modern" I think they mean that if you get something styled in the current fashion, which is very short and tight fitting with very narrow lapels (e.g. J. Crew's Ludlow suits), it is likely to go out of fashion. By comparison, the BB Fitzgerald is fairly slim fitting, with what you might call "contemporary" styling, but not so extreme. It is therefore less likely to go out of fashion so quickly.
I was told it is the difference between the chest size, and the size of the jacket's waist rather than the pants. Can someone confirm either way?
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