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I'm guessing it will be in June.
Clearly these shoes are never going to see the deck of a boat.
If dry cleaning destroyed suits, dry cleaners would go out of business. Stop worrying about it.
Like the suit. Don't think either tie works. Hate the shirt (collar), shoes, and whole idea of going sockless.
What is the fabric? Wool or cotton?
Pictures please.
Here is a fine a pair of Levi's Made & Crafted "Ruler Straight" jeans. Label says 33 / 34, but actual measurements are: W: 32" L: 31" Width at hem: 7.5" (x2) Condition is as shown in pictures. $40 shipped CONUS.
Do you have measurements, particularly of sleeve length? And which pocket is sewn shut and why?
Back in the day, we wore them with jeans, Doc Martens boots and a Ben Sherman shirt. Tasty, my son.
I think it just looks silly.
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