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Sold pending payment.
I worked in news for several years in the UK. All our Westminster (i.e. political) reporters wore suits. A blazer & khakis would be acceptable, but all this stuff about wearing ill fitting rags is poor advice. If you dress like a slob, the pols will treat you like one. I would suggest you show a little class.
Bought these from Ed Morel in his recent clearout, but decided they are not for me. Incotex. White cotton, flat front, 34 W, unhemmed leg, split waist, zip fly, 4 pockets. Fit is slim to normal. New (with tags cut to prevent return.) $55 shipped CONUS.
sorry, i'll move it. (if I can.)
Wrong forum.
It's like jackals surrounding a wounded wildebeast.
I don't get it.
Per Wikipedia: The stereotypical "chav" is an aggressive teenager or young adult, of working class background, who wears branded sports and casual clothing, who often engages in anti-social behaviour, and is often assumed to be unemployed or in a low paid job. Burberry's appeal to "chav" fashion sense is a sociological example of prole drift, where an up-market product begins to be consumed en masse by a lower socio-economic group. Burberry has argued that the...
Love those Estate Shirts. If you can find them in 15.5 let me know.
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