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Regarding: 9A. Brand NWT Ralph Lauren Black Label Blue shirt 15.5/35 (sleeve) French Cuff (slim fit) $99 When you say the sleeves are 35, does that mean the French cuff will fold back a couple of inches to a 33, or is the sleeve longer so it folds back to 35? I often wonder this with French cuffs, so please enlighten me.
who is selling this? Gambling or Wick? And where's the picture? ...the plot thickens.
Yes, I have sold the pants and cancelled the auction.
Pants sold.
Pants sold.
Shirt now sold. Pants still available.
I can see how to edit the post, but see no way of deleting it. Is there a delete button somewhere? What am I missing?
I have a post that I'd like to delete, but can't see any way to do that. Is it possible?
Shirt has sold. Pants still available.
Aren't those the new "Emperor" line of cufflinks? I'd heard RT was launching them, but to see them in their full bejewelled splendor is impressive!
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