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I have a very similar Borsalino with the same measurements. It is about a 7 1/2 US size, or 60 European, which is on the large size. Unfortunately, hat measurements can vary quite considerably, so it's rather hit and miss without trying it on. But they are great hats. Old fashioned, distinctive, and if you have a graveyard face like mine, you can walk down dark alleys in the worst part of town. All those young hipsters in their narrow-brimmed, pork-pie hats will...
He's just venting. If you don't have a tracking number, you can't give him one. The package will arrive. He'll forget about it. Sometimes the best approach to customer service is to do nothing.
Question on the fabric of the jacket: It looks from the top photo as though there is a stripe in it, yet the later photos don't seem to show that. Can you describe or add a picture to clarify. TIA.
Bought a pair of shoes from randallr. I didn't like 'em, and he was quick to offer a refund, which is the sign of a good seller. Thumbs up.
Forgive me ignorance, but what does Polo II, Polo IV mean?
hit the affilite thread and I think you can sign up there somewhere.
I believe that the way to spot a counterfeit is by the correctly spelled tag.
Okay, it's 2 a.m. and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd photograph my shoes... I bought these on the Martin Dingman website, which has very limited pix, so I thought others here might like to see some details. They are hand made in Italy. The leather feels like a real piece of hide. The smell alone struck me. It's like a fresh saddle They are more fashionable than traditional. I haven't worn them enough to get the fit, but I think they'll mold to the foot quite...
I don't think it matters what you are teaching - or whether you are teaching for that matter. Practical considerations are obviously relevant, but otherwise a well dressed man is a well dressed man. Some people will notice it and appreciate. Others will be oblivious.
If it has ARMENIANI plastered all over the ass, who cares if it's geniune or fake?
New Posts  All Forums: