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Love those Estate Shirts. If you can find them in 15.5 let me know.
Very nice, but a little on the small side for me. I'm a 40R, but judging by your measurements, this is more like a 38.
A couple of questions: 3. NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label dark blue 100% linen shirt. / 15.5: Chest 23”, sleeve 25.5”, shoulder 18.5”, length BOC 31.5” That chest measurement looks quite large. Is it cut full? 4. NWT Borrelli Luxury Vintage LS 3-button polo. 100% cotton (super soft!). Size 50. What is the sleeve length? (I bought one of these from Whusurdadi and the sleeves came down to my knees.)
I would strongly advise you to wear them with pants. (The whole short-sleeve/underpants thing, just doesn't cut it.) The rest is negotiable. It would be a little odd to wear short sleeves under a suit jacket, but a casual summer jacket might be okay. The tie is again a little formal for an informal shirt, but I'll bet they do it in hot climes. The FBI guy investigating John Grisham in Mississippi look...
PM'd on dark brown.
I have a very similar Borsalino with the same measurements. It is about a 7 1/2 US size, or 60 European, which is on the large size. Unfortunately, hat measurements can vary quite considerably, so it's rather hit and miss without trying it on. But they are great hats. Old fashioned, distinctive, and if you have a graveyard face like mine, you can walk down dark alleys in the worst part of town. All those young hipsters in their narrow-brimmed, pork-pie hats will...
He's just venting. If you don't have a tracking number, you can't give him one. The package will arrive. He'll forget about it. Sometimes the best approach to customer service is to do nothing.
Question on the fabric of the jacket: It looks from the top photo as though there is a stripe in it, yet the later photos don't seem to show that. Can you describe or add a picture to clarify. TIA.
Bought a pair of shoes from randallr. I didn't like 'em, and he was quick to offer a refund, which is the sign of a good seller. Thumbs up.
Forgive me ignorance, but what does Polo II, Polo IV mean?
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