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I've been talking to them about custom making a custom cross between a loafer & a deck shoe, and they have promised to send pix when they have a sample. I am curious to see how they turn out.
Price drop. $50
Price drop. $50
Quote: Originally Posted by coolwaterz how do you maintain the preppy aspect rather than look like this: I think the simplest way is just to be white. If you want to go the whole hog, you can enroll in an ivy league school, wear hideous pastel polo shirts, have a big floppy hair cut, stuff like that.
[quote=JohnnyLaw;2507597]No. Beauchamp is pronounced more like Bo-SHAH (with a nasal shah). Actually, it's not. He asked how the English pronounce it, not the French.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I just happened to buy the Barbas while traveling. My first RTW Neopolitan shirts were Barbas bought in a great little shop in Venice that no longer exists. - B Do you mean Ian's store that was on Main, in Venice, CA? If so, he's still there. Hidden away in a little place that doesn't open to the public. He sells online & ebay now: www.Shopthefinest.com Of course, if you meant Venice, Italy...
That loafer looks like Alden. You can find them new online, on eBay, and here in the B&S. Usually without the horsebit. And excellent shoes they are. (I'm wearing a pair that I bought here as I type.)
My major criticism with your first choices are simply that they look as though they are made of cheap leather - which they are. As are 90% of mass market shoes. I think those Allen-Edmonds - Manhattan's look pretty good. They may be a little lighter than usual, but they're interesting and certainly not gaudy. They also don't look so conservative as to make you look like a fogey. Go for 'em.
What does "an aggressive sillhouette" mean?
Sell it and find something that fits.
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