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tough crowd.
pm'd on khakis.
If one were to lose the cuff on the inco/Zegna cords, what would be the maximum inseam ? And would it leave a line where the current hem is if one did so?
On the Thick as Thieves, what size is 40T? I understand 40R, 40S, or 40L, but never come across T. Can you please explain.
I had a pair of the plain blucher, and it runs about half a size large.
Live with the pockets, enjoy the suit, and move on. When you buy from Yoox (or anywhere else online) you always run the risk of imperfect fit, missing buttons, or whatever. To hold them to the same standard as going to your own tailor, or just trying something on at Nordstrom, is unrealistic.
Don't mean to be impolite, but it looks as though it would fit if you dropped about 10lbs.
Sleeve length on Ike Behar & T&A?
When you said "ballistic nylon brief", I wasn't sure what you meant for a minute. Ouch, the thought alone was painful!
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff ok . i dont wear panties. do you? I most certainly do! They keep the skidmarks off my very expensive Japanese self-edged denim. Oops, of course, I meant to say hand-combed Andalusian mink-lined lederhosen.
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