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sorry, i'll move it. (if I can.)
Wrong forum.
It's like jackals surrounding a wounded wildebeast.
I don't get it.
Per Wikipedia: The stereotypical "chav" is an aggressive teenager or young adult, of working class background, who wears branded sports and casual clothing, who often engages in anti-social behaviour, and is often assumed to be unemployed or in a low paid job. Burberry's appeal to "chav" fashion sense is a sociological example of prole drift, where an up-market product begins to be consumed en masse by a lower socio-economic group. Burberry has argued that the...
Love those Estate Shirts. If you can find them in 15.5 let me know.
Very nice, but a little on the small side for me. I'm a 40R, but judging by your measurements, this is more like a 38.
A couple of questions: 3. NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label dark blue 100% linen shirt. / 15.5: Chest 23”, sleeve 25.5”, shoulder 18.5”, length BOC 31.5” That chest measurement looks quite large. Is it cut full? 4. NWT Borrelli Luxury Vintage LS 3-button polo. 100% cotton (super soft!). Size 50. What is the sleeve length? (I bought one of these from Whusurdadi and the sleeves came down to my knees.)
I would strongly advise you to wear them with pants. (The whole short-sleeve/underpants thing, just doesn't cut it.) The rest is negotiable. It would be a little odd to wear short sleeves under a suit jacket, but a casual summer jacket might be okay. The tie is again a little formal for an informal shirt, but I'll bet they do it in hot climes. The FBI guy investigating John Grisham in Mississippi look...
PM'd on dark brown.
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