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Sleeve length on Ike Behar & T&A?
When you said "ballistic nylon brief", I wasn't sure what you meant for a minute. Ouch, the thought alone was painful!
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff ok . i dont wear panties. do you? I most certainly do! They keep the skidmarks off my very expensive Japanese self-edged denim. Oops, of course, I meant to say hand-combed Andalusian mink-lined lederhosen.
Tempted by that Brunello Cucinelli Sweater Jacket, but the Yoox pictures make it look like some ill- fitting thing that should be on a girl.
Depends where you are, and who you are. In NY or London black seems to be de riguer, and there are folk who wear nothing but. Over here on the left coast, black is too funereal.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff learn to embrace both. i find it queer that (even in a tone of jest) mc people have a tone of hostility towards streetwear crowd and their doings, where it is almost nonexistent vice versa. Actually, I have no objection to street wear, or its crowd, so unbunch your panties. What struck me was the disparity in pricing.
i don't knoW what Nom de Guerre mean by L or XL, but those measurements look about right for a 38R.
I've been exploring the "Men's Clothing" section of SF for some time now. I've learned a little, and in the process grown partial to the likes of Borelli, LP and Cucinelli - most of which I've picked up in the FS forums at the usual 80% discount. However, as fashion moves on, it has become apparent that "Streetwear" is taking over, and my french cuffs and antique ivory links are beginning to look a little, shall we say, "steam-driven." At first, I thought I could...
Just look at it. I've had a couple of pairs of Aldens, and in each case it's pretty obviously shell.
thanks, but I wasn't looking for suit info. I am trying to find out the different lines Isaia has. I see "Isaia Napoli" and "Gian Luca Isaia" and so I wanted to know if one was a sportwears line, a lower priced line, etc. Anyone know?
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