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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff learn to embrace both. i find it queer that (even in a tone of jest) mc people have a tone of hostility towards streetwear crowd and their doings, where it is almost nonexistent vice versa. Actually, I have no objection to street wear, or its crowd, so unbunch your panties. What struck me was the disparity in pricing.
i don't knoW what Nom de Guerre mean by L or XL, but those measurements look about right for a 38R.
I've been exploring the "Men's Clothing" section of SF for some time now. I've learned a little, and in the process grown partial to the likes of Borelli, LP and Cucinelli - most of which I've picked up in the FS forums at the usual 80% discount. However, as fashion moves on, it has become apparent that "Streetwear" is taking over, and my french cuffs and antique ivory links are beginning to look a little, shall we say, "steam-driven." At first, I thought I could...
Just look at it. I've had a couple of pairs of Aldens, and in each case it's pretty obviously shell.
thanks, but I wasn't looking for suit info. I am trying to find out the different lines Isaia has. I see "Isaia Napoli" and "Gian Luca Isaia" and so I wanted to know if one was a sportwears line, a lower priced line, etc. Anyone know?
Is anyone here familiar with the various labels of Isaia? I'm curious to know how they differentiate price, quality and stylewise.
I have no experience with Orvis, but I have had a sheepskin coat, and there is very little to touch it for warmth. God isn't bad as a textile designer. The only downside is that it is heavy, whereas you can get the same warmth from fleece or down much lighter. Of the coats you linked to, I agree the first is the nicest. Perfectly appropriate with casual wear, a little odd over a suit, but hey. Would I wear one? Sure. But not in southern Cali...
Interestd in the Loro Piana outerwear, although navy would be my preferred color.
Price drop. $45 plus shipping.
Price drop. $45 plus shipping.
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