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I bought these for myself, but the fit doesn't work. (I'm fairly skinny and these are a little full through the thigh & leg for me.) $70 shipped CONUS. THESE ARE NOW SOLD. The fabric is Loro Piana cash/cotton made in Italy, but I'm not sure of the brand, because there is no label. 33 Waist (2" to let and will likely fit a 34 without altering.) 33 1/2 Inseam (2" to let) 11" rise (approx) 12" (x2) at thigh 9" (x2) at ankle Dark Blue (slightly lighter...
I was watching that on eBay, but held back because it said the sleeves were 22 1/2". Can you confirm length and whether they need to be hemmed. The picture is a little dark, but it looks as though they would lose about half an inch for the hem.
It may just be the first picture, but those sleeves look very long. Can they be shortened an inch?
It might depend on where you are measuring from. Top of collar or bottom of collar. Lovely piece, though. If it was 40R, I'd have snapped it up.
You know all your own measurements to the fraction of an inch.
This is the snooty old farts section of style forum. This is where people argue over the finer points of tailoring, or whether cordovan leather should be taken from the left rump of the horse or the right. Shops like H&M or Express sell cheap clothes, which is why they are despised here. As a young 'un you're probably better off on the "streetwear" section.
Those measurements look like a 40R, except for the length. However, from the pictures it looks as though it is more like a denim jacket that I would expect to be short. You say you are 6'0" and it is waaay short. Where does it come to on you? Above your belt?
I bought a pair from landsend.com and they were perfectly decent mid range quality.
Neither. They're both out of stock. There are plenty of R Talbott cufflinks floating about the b&s forum.
Any chance of some better pictures?
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