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Is that 37" sleeve measurement accurate? It seems quite long.
You can complain about BR quality, but you can't beat the price. Especially as everything goes on sale pretty rapidly.
Sold. Again...
How do you tell?
These arrived. They are as described above, but they are too big for me also, so I'm offering them back to anyone who is interested. FWIW, their waist fits me, but they're too big around the butt (or I'm just a skinny-ass). Anyway, I think they'd fit a 34 waisted guy with a little more booty goin' on, or someone who normally wears a 35w, maybe even 36. PM me. Price as above. Not interested in lower offers.
I have this suit in a peak lapel variation, and it's very nice. The suiterati might quibble about it not being fully canvassed or whatnot, but for the younger, stylish gent without deep pockets, it's a good choice. Slim fitting, fine, light weight wool. (BTW, they were $1600 here in Beverly Hills.)
2010 Light Wash Indigo - Red Selvedge Coin Pocket - Arrived safely and are now hugging my hips in all their Japanese loomed, Zimbabwean cotton glory. If this goes on, I may have to renounce my allegiance to the fogey section of SF & join y'all in the scruffy rascal forums!
Another Thom Browne. Seller says there is 3" of cuff to add to the length, but even so more like a 40S. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...:X:RTQ:US:1123
Fashion designers and their retailing henchmen have been trying to foist pea coats upon us for the last several years, if not decades. Every year they trot out the same old stuff about traditional navy this, and stylishly re-imagined that - and nobody ever buys them. This year it finally seems to have reached critical mass. They are in every store. And even here there are threads about them in both the fogey section & the scruffy rascal forums. Well, I am...
Are you sure about the chest measurement? That looks awfully slim for a 40R overcoat.
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