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Would you consider OTR? I was checking out Loro Piana, Cucinelli, et al at my local posh shop and all their coats this year seem to have removable linings. Otherwise, given your temperatures, I'd suggest shearling.
I'm interested in the coat, but need decent pics. Can you take some?
Can you elaborate on why the Zegna was a "bad buy" and also the shine on the pants. Thx.
Any chance of better pics on the LP coat?
Another one for a navy/grey cashmere/wool car/coat. 40R (50 euro)
I bought a pair of KMW jeans recently, and in the process looked at those that are being offered on eBay for $50. At that price, I had to ask, are they fakes? They look it to me, but I'm no expert. Can anyone here explain how to tell the genuine article from the counterfeit?
Are there any brands you won't buy (online) because of counterfeits? I nominate Lacoste & Burberry. (Not just because of fakery, but also because they are totally chav.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008...111-pea-coats/ I flipped through the book of that name/website. Thought it was lame.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man GAHHHH, if only this were a 38R... You might find that fits a 38. I'm a 40R, but the pants look too small.
^ I've heard that respectable people do that. Apparently some of them polish their shoes too!
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