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Don't know this particular seller, but I bought some Creed on eBay from a seller with perfect feedback that was fake. I went through the whole eBay / Paypal dispute procedure and ended up with nothing, because they insisted I had to get an affidavit from the manufacturer to prove it was fake... In the end, I hounded the villain through eBay feedback until she was thrown off the site. I wouldn't buy cologne from them.
I can't imagine a jacket with a built in sweater being canvassed. If the canvas is there to improve the way it drapes, then the sweater would render it useless. (Not that I know of what I speak.)
You're probably asking in the wrong forum. That looks more scruffy rascals than MC.
I'm doing my best as a buyer, but I can only support so many of you.
Would you consider OTR? I was checking out Loro Piana, Cucinelli, et al at my local posh shop and all their coats this year seem to have removable linings. Otherwise, given your temperatures, I'd suggest shearling.
I'm interested in the coat, but need decent pics. Can you take some?
Can you elaborate on why the Zegna was a "bad buy" and also the shine on the pants. Thx.
Any chance of better pics on the LP coat?
Another one for a navy/grey cashmere/wool car/coat. 40R (50 euro)
I bought a pair of KMW jeans recently, and in the process looked at those that are being offered on eBay for $50. At that price, I had to ask, are they fakes? They look it to me, but I'm no expert. Can anyone here explain how to tell the genuine article from the counterfeit?
New Posts  All Forums: