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1950 Raw just showed up. Perfect fit. Thanks, oh denim Ninja.
I have that in Steerhide, and it's taken me 15 years to break it in. For the first decade or so, it will creak and groan with every movement. And after 20 years or so, when it finally begins to get a little worn, you can send it back to Aero to be rebuilt. Bulletproof.
Try the streetwear forum.
I just bought an old BB GF cashmere coat and I love it. Stylewise, it is quite tradtional, but that's a good thing. It carries a weight of old money that is still recognized by even the lowest-browed knuckleheads. I considered the current fashion for 3/4 length / car coats, but realised that I usually wear a coat when it's cold out. (Doh!) In which temperatures, the shorter length will leave your knees shivering. As for price, it's good value. Serious...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr In real-world terms, people are getting truly nervous about spending money on luxuries. I suspect, however, that B&S will remain relatively stronger than B&M full-retail sales. Not sure if I agree with this. I don't sell clothes, but I've sold about $1m of boats in the last couple of months, so it feels like things are picking up. YMMV.
Don't know this particular seller, but I bought some Creed on eBay from a seller with perfect feedback that was fake. I went through the whole eBay / Paypal dispute procedure and ended up with nothing, because they insisted I had to get an affidavit from the manufacturer to prove it was fake... In the end, I hounded the villain through eBay feedback until she was thrown off the site. I wouldn't buy cologne from them.
I can't imagine a jacket with a built in sweater being canvassed. If the canvas is there to improve the way it drapes, then the sweater would render it useless. (Not that I know of what I speak.)
You're probably asking in the wrong forum. That looks more scruffy rascals than MC.
I'm doing my best as a buyer, but I can only support so many of you.
Would you consider OTR? I was checking out Loro Piana, Cucinelli, et al at my local posh shop and all their coats this year seem to have removable linings. Otherwise, given your temperatures, I'd suggest shearling.
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