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And if you're old and fat and move like a sloth, then hiking them up under your armpits is also fine.
I had a maid in my last apartment who used to do my washing and ironing. She was the best. Unfortunately, I had to move and my current maid washes my shirts, but refuses to iron. I may have to have her flogged.
Will also consider trade for Sugar Cane 1947 - 33w
Gentlemen, I've been hanging around on the scruffy rascals section of SF lately in search of some extra grooviness, and wound up buying a pair of those fashionable jeans the young 'uns wear - Kicking Mule Workshop 1950s. They're Zimbabwean denim, rope-dyed with natural indigo, woven on the thighs of Japanese virgins etc. And as my people say, they are the dog's bollox. However, the fit just doesn't quite work for me, so I'm selling them. So, if any of you are...
Kicking Mule Workshop 1950s. The usual Rumbabwean denim, woven by Japanese ninjas. I bought these from Atsui about a month ago, but have come to realize they just don't work for me. They were labeled as a sample, but they are in perfect condition. The label says 32 / 32 - but they measure as follows: W - 34" L - 32" Rise - 10" Width at thigh - 11" Leg opening at bottom - 8" x 2 = 16" Washed twice. $125
Bump for great prices!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Yeah, but he is a huge wanker, so it pretty much proves the point.
Quote: Originally Posted by cromagged that is too gully for me but i hope someone buys it. tight What does gully mean?
FWIW, I went through what you are considering. A few years back, I bought a 1958 Omega Seamaster automatic on eBay. It wasn't a particularly valuable collectors piece (i.e. it didn't have the sea monster back etc.) and cost around $250, which is par for the course for gold-filled. The seller delivered it personally and spent an hour with me talking watches (he was a collector who was culling his collection.) It ran perfectly for a year or so, and then needed servicing...
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