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Blow dry?
They're probably too formal for a restaurant. I suggest you take your fiance to the opera a few times. If she gets suspicious, take her to the ballet.
Question on the fit of the RLPL shirts. Are they similar to Brooks Bros standard fit? Or slimmer /larger?
I didn't think you ever actually wore a monacle, you just took it out of your pocket and put it in your eye when you needed to look at something. In which case it has a useful place in the world.
I just washed four different cashmere sweaters, from Macy's, Costco, Facionable & Borrelli. I put them in the machine on a cold / delicate cycle, and then layed them flat on a towel to dry. All came out fine. No loss of color, no pilling, no shrinkage. And they all felt nicer after washing than before. YMMV.
Looks legit. But to be honest, who cares?
Yes, it would be pretty easy. And yes, they could screw it up.
I can confirm that it is a shirt.
I just bought a white shirt from the good folk at FIH, and thought I'd offer my two rupees. Fine cotton. Nice MOP buttons, but not overly large so they button easily. Slim fit, without being excessively so. It ain't a Borrelli, but overall it's a good quality shirt, at a good price and with good service.
1950 Raw just showed up. Perfect fit. Thanks, oh denim Ninja.
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