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Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Dress Shirt Woven in Italy, Made in USA, 100% superfine 2 ply cotton Size 15.5 Neck Size 33 Sleeves Chest 23 (laid flat from pit to pit) White with a blue micro-check line pattern Barrel Cuffs MOP buttons No Chest Pocket Gently used.. $SOLD shipped CONUS.
Economics 101. A market price is defined as the price at which a willing buyer & willing seller complete a transaction. That's what happened. Any other price is hypothetical.
I was surprised by the price myself. I priced it high, because I expected to go through the usual SF scenario of drop... drop... drop... low ball... haggle... flake... drop... Instead it sold for the full asking price within days. That probably says more about the value of the watch than all the opinionating here.
For those of you who appreciate dive watches, here is a modern homage to the classic Blancpain Fifty Fathoms that has become collectible in its own right: the Precista PRS-50-B. Designed by Eddie Platts in Great Britain (hence the marking on the dial), it combines a case & dial from Germany (Kemmner I believe), and a period accurate new-old-stock Swiss movement from A Schild, to create a classic dive watch with all the beauty of a vintage piece, but that can still be...
"The Sub" by Alpha USA. Homage to the classic Rolex Submariner. Stainless case, screw-down crown, display back. Automatic 21 jewel movement. Size is approx 40mm, with 20mm lugs. Comes with original nato band, replacement black leather band, green baize case, and warranty card. The warranty has never been activated, so it should be valid for a year. However there is a caveat: Although I believe Alpha will honor the warranty, you need to send the watch to...
My latest. The PRS-50b. A high quality homage to the Blancpain 50 Fathoms that has become collectible in its own right.
On what planet is $1300 cheap for a leather jacket? Plus Sartoria is not Kiton, it is a cheaper diffusion brand of Kiton is it not?
This watch is often confused with the marine chronometer, so here is some useful info to make the distinction clear: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/2010/6/...smans-wat.html or here: http://www.chronomaddox.com/omega_megaquartz_2400.html
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