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Commanders Palace is very good, but there are also a bunch of less well known, more contemporary restaurants scattered around the city. If you have time, get out of the French Quarter and explore. Magazine St is a good start. And don't forget the other reason to go to NO: the music.
Malo pale green linen jacket. size 48 EU / 38 US. NWOT. Unworn. 3 button with dual side vents. 100% linen. Pale green. Half-lined. Measurements: Shoulders: 18 1/4" Sleeve length from top of shoulder: 25 3/4" (+ 3/4 underneath.) Chest: 41" Waist: 38 1/2" Length from bottom of collar: 30 3/4" Lapel width: 3 1/4"
A pair of To Boot NY brown chukka boots. Size 11 / D (medium width). $100 shipped CONUS.
Clearing out the closet of a few shirts. These are all well used. Medium sized. 1. Borrelli. Blue check. French cuff. Collar - 15 1/2 P-P - 21 Sleeve - 25 Yoke - 18 2. Thom Brown. White oxford button down. Barrel cuff. Collar - 15 1/2 P-P - 20 Sleeve - 26 Yoke - 16 3. Nordstrom. Ivory 140s two ply Egyptian cotton. French cuff. Collar - 15 1/2 P-P - 21 Sleeve - 24 Yoke - 18 4. Loro Piana. Blue...
Luxire lustrous white MTM shirt. Slim fit. MOP buttons. Semi spread collar. Side pleats. French placket. Barrel cuffs. Worn once, washed once. (My first attempt at MTM, failed due to shrinkage. Measurements shown in the pics are post shrinkage, so may be relied on.) $40 shipped CONUS.
Luxire are sending me a remade shirt to accommodate the shrinkage on the first one. I consider it good of them to stand by their promise, so I am happy to pay the shipping. The original is now available on B&S:
Yep, machine wash & dry. I gave up hand-washing when the dinosaurs died, and I don't want a bathroom full of wet shirts hanging out to dry. If it can't survive the old shake & bake, it goes...
Wrong place.
I never drive in my shoes. I leave them outside the door when I get in the car. That way they can be polished by the time I return.
Well, I put my new shirt through a cycle of wash & dry, and it has shrunk so much as to be unwearable. This despite the assurance on their website that there is no need to allow for shrinkage. I presume each fabric is different, but the Lustrous Fine White definitely shrinks. I would advise adding an inch to the chest, and half an inch to the collar & sleeves. I have contacted Luxire about it, and I'll be interested to see how they respond. In the meantime, if anyone...
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