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Where can one pick up a pair of whiskey chukkas? Have been looking for a pair for awhile
came home to some cigar brixtons in the mail.  can't wait to break these in  
anyone seen whiskey chukkas available anywhere of late?  trying to track down a pair in 8.5D   thx in advance
Beautiful boots - are those on commando or double leather?
I've never had any issues putting down a deposit with them to pre-order their shoes. I call my salesperson at LSW, not sure if LSBH have a different policyTheir Hawaiian tankers (NST boots) in particular have been very popular and most sizes filled up pre-order many months back, but I think most of their others are still open
Count me in for color 4 boots please Thanks for organizing!
  stunning!     enjoy and wear in good health
^ thx david3558.     i like the overall look of the LSH no8 jumpers as well - pull tab and all eyelets are both pluses.  but am concerned about the true-balance last being too bulbous relative to the j.crew carries.  anyone seen both in person?
  let me add on a related question for people's opinions: 1. jcrew perforated cap toes (http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~20853/20853.jsp) 2. LSH color 8 jumpers (http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2009/07/29/alden-shoes-shell-cordovan-jumper-boots/)
How does burnished tan calf compare vs shell colors? Is it similar to ravello or color 4 or something entirely different?
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