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  gorgeous spigolas nutcracker!  makes me all the more impatient for my wingtips to arrive in jan   do you happen to have contact details for koji's workshop in kobe?  am likely to be in kyoto next spring so want to stop by
  those FB plaza indies look great!   did FB already re-stock or did you manage to pick up one of the pairs from the first run?  i am still waiting for them to re-stock a 9D but havent heard from frans...
crispin 505s from the guys at the armoury  
first pair of crispins - thx to the guys at the armoury!    
very nice - berluti un jour?   am jealous of the slimmer silhouette and the side pockets vs my deux jours, but dont think i can pull the bag off as it winds off looking too small for me
  beautiful ravello plaza indies!   was this their first shipment (think only size 12 left) or did they already re-stock?   enjoy wearing
anyone seen the j crew x alden suede indies with red soles in any of the physical stores?   recall seeing one of the members spotting the in the NYC men's store, but haven't seen them pop up online as yet
^ +1 Beautiful LSH color 8s with the antique sole I am still sad that I had to send mine back as the medallion broguing on the two shoes were completely mis-matched
Stunning NAMOR!how does cognac compare in person vs Alden shell colors? Seems to vary in photos quite significantly depending on light...And is cuero something different? Is that the chestnut shell that epaulet carries?
anyone know the model number of these carminas?  
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