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FOR SALE: brand new Alden x Epaulet BRIXTON wingtip boot in COLOR 8 shell cordovan size US 8.5 D on Barrie last (fits US 9.0 D in other lasts).  Features antique edge paired with double leather sole   Completely SOLD OUT so don't miss this opportunity to pick them up   100% new, never even tried on or laced up.  Includes Alden box and shoe bags   $750 shipped WORLDWIDE with tracking / OBO
new color 8 and choco suede tankers to join their natty CXL sibling    
new kojis - thx to the guys @ the armoury for recommending spigola (and for the kick @ss photography)
PSA - leather soul's got a restock of their choco suede tanker boots, this time with contrast stitching
xmas present from the wifey       and next to its older brother  
couple alden pickups from the last month        
some color8 pickups from the last month      
gorgeous - love the lines of the st crispins austerity brogues (and boots)   wear in good health!
  gorgeous spigolas nutcracker!  makes me all the more impatient for my wingtips to arrive in jan   do you happen to have contact details for koji's workshop in kobe?  am likely to be in kyoto next spring so want to stop by
  those FB plaza indies look great!   did FB already re-stock or did you manage to pick up one of the pairs from the first run?  i am still waiting for them to re-stock a 9D but havent heard from frans...
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