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koji double monks in black kangaroo  
second pair of MTOs arrived after a few hiccups - steve @ leffot's original design, but on the deco last  
  thanks and congrats on the new indies!   curious to see what the walnut calf looks like in the flesh
    thanks add and mcarthur   @add - i ordered these with tony and dean at their singapore trunk show in february
      thanks everyone - ordered these with tony and dean at their trunk show in singapore in february and was lucky enough to get them after 3.5 months
my first G&Gs        
my first G&Gs      
^ thanks everyone   heard back from Dean - the barclays are bespoke, gables are DG70
can anyone help identify the last on both of these barclays and gables - def not TG73 but are they MH71, DG70 or bespokes?            
    look like the leffot shell cordovan 1950 service boots
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