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There used to be one outside Palm Springs. I was there on my honeymoon in 2004.
    I love those boots!  Unfortunately I am a size 15.  Does anyone think that AE will do a custom order for those?  What last are they on?
One of my dry cleaners' employees mislabeled a batch of my dress shirts and they were heavily starched.  I normally have no starch added and accept that a little with get into the shirt through the laundering process but these shirts are rock hard and loaded with starch.   I want to try to get as much out as I can personally before sending them back to a dry cleaner.  Does anyone have a tip as to how to rinse the starch out of the shirts?  Is there a solvent or...
  AE is going to hve to do something about this issue on the Independence collection.  I have a less pronounced version of the same issue on my Jeffersons.  There seems to be too little margin of error on the heel attachment making the shoe less comfortable than your average AE.
  Personally I am waiting to see more.  I have the Flatirons and they are great, but they don't seem to get any love around here.   There were rumors of a bit-loafer this fall which hasn't materialized.  The Haight is only available in one color, which is limiting.  No shell options in the 3-333 at all.  Maybe with time
  When you do, check out the Flatiron and Parkway in person.  Both look far better on your foot than in pictures.  I get more compliments on the Flatiron than any shoe I own.
I have a closet full of AE and I can tell you it completely depends on the last. That is why I highly recommend trying on a few different lasts and styles in at least 3 sizes to be sure.For me:1, 3, 5 - all fit great7- depends on the style4, 8, 9 - I get heel slippage2 - doesn't fit. not even close6 (new Patriot) - just got a 14EEE. Seems to work but waiting for them to break in to be sure.It seems complicated for buying shoes, but a good fit in a well made quality shoe...
Terrible review. I am a 15 in several AE lasts, but could not even get my foot into a Positano. To me, sizing conversations have to start with the Park Avenue and other 5 last shoes as they are the highest volume production. The Neumok is on the 5 last and fits similarly.
I also have a large size foot, usually 15 but sometimes 14. The issue with Allen Edmonds is the variation from last to last is exacerbated by the whole sizes and lack of variety of widths. If you find a last and style that works, it usually works great. Other lasts don't work at all. If you experiment and not force a shoe that really doesn't fit, you should be fine.
  I like the looks of that!  I notice the Parkways and Kenilworths are also available in bourbon.  I will withhold final judgement until I see them in person, but it seems as though AE has found and committed to a really good medium brown tone.  I can definitely see adding 2 or 3 of these to my collection.
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