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  Strange.  I received a confirmation email immediately as the order was placed.  Nothing since then.  The order is still in unfilled status on the site.
Has anyone received status on their Cyber Monday order yet?
  Thanks.  I love the look of that shirt. I just placed my first order last night.  Once I validate the fit with those, this exact shirt is next.  More questions.  Which fabric is shown here?  Can you post another picture that is more head-on that shows the collar spread?   Thanks! 
  Great explanation.  Thank you! 
  Nice.     What do you call that style of cuff?  Is there extra fusing in the collar?  Are there special care instructions to maintain that curve?  
  Good thought.  I will ask them.   What kind of damage could stretching do?  I am just not familiar with the process. 
  I haven't worn them outside so I could return them. But I do have a size problem.  I am a 14/15 with a narrow heel.  I cannot find a quality loafer that fits me well.  I get heel slippage on most AE loafers.  I really would like a shell loafer and am thinking that a 15 calf stretched might be close to the sizing on a shell Patriot.  A bit of an experiment. 
Has anyone ever had the Allen Edmonds retail store stretch a loafer before?  The Patriots are really tight across the vamp for me and they want to try stretching them out.  I have never had a shoe stretched before.  Any thoughts?
I love Allen Edmonds socks!!!Just started wearing them a few months ago. Before that I bought Nordstrom wool socks every year at the anniversary sale. These are far superior. I have replaced most of my rotation. I just wish there were some additional designs, especially argyle.
Thanks for the replies.   The cleaner is a small family shop with only a few employees.  The error was due to a new front counter person mislabeling the ticket. I decided to give them another shot, but wanted the starch out before sending them back.   I ended up doing 2 extended soaks and then 2 washes.  1 with detergent, then 1 with vinegar.  Seemed to work.   stubloom: great info on the different starches.  I will be sure to ask what they use.
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