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Kirby, do you have an ETA on the backordered sweater hangers from Black Friday?
Your Jeffersons have definitely darkened, but they also started a different color from the Daltons. I am not sure why but they are a darkest AE walnuts in my closet. I would start with Renovateur. A couple of heavy coats left to dry for a few minutes, followed by heavy buffing and no polish would be my suggestion. Good luck!
Having trouble pulling the trigger but went by to take pictures.
Truffle McAllister question for those of you that have them: I had my local store bring them in for me. Like most stock shells from AE that I have seen, the finish a bit dull, but I could really see the potential. However there was far more appearance of burnishing and some streaking than I would have imagined. Especially along the sides. Is that normal for these or could that be the reason these are still around?
  I can't speak for everyone, but I would welcome the opportunity to include some swatches with an order that is already shipping.  Up to $1 per swatch depending on the size of the swatch would work for me.   I will take you up on the larger buttons.  I want to get a couple of wearings on what I just ordered so I can adjust the sizing properly, then I'll be ready to place another order.  What's the ETA on the larger MOP buttons?  Thanks for the reply!
  emptym, you are 100% correct.  Disappointment is based on expectations.  I believe that as a consumer, it is important to provide a retailer feedback on those expectations.  It might have been better to share parts of my disappointment in private rather than on the forum, but it is also important that we share experiences with each other here.   I agree with the swatching suggestion.  I have no problem paying for swatches.  I just ordered a few dozen swatches for Sam...
  My earlier post may have bit a bit harsh.  For that I apologize.  I was sincerely looking forward to a good experience and was disappointed.  In retrospect, while I had a few other issues, the blue shirt fabric was my biggest disappointment.  I was just nothing like the website picture.   I would like to address your points above, but first, more positive feedback.  Craftmanship looks good.  I took the white shirt to the cleaners this morning and gave it a once over....
Got my Cyber Monday order in.  It is amazing how fast a package can travel from India.  Fascinating to watch the FedEx tracking.   As far as the package contents, I am not quite thrilled.  But the upside first.  Fit and finish are good.  Sizing seems according to my measurements.  The "Lustrous Fine White" seems to be a nice fabric, especially for the price point.    Complaints:   1) Black Friday/Cyber Monday promo was B.S.  Got a blue and red check pocket...
Warning:  Do not use Renovateur on the AE dress belt (at least walnut for sure).  I just did and it pulled the color right off leaving a splotchy mess.  Ugh.   On the positive side, it worked great on the burgundy shell belt. 
Oooo!!! Anyone have pictures of the truffle mccallister in the wild?
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