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Swung by my local AE store today.  Good news - most of the new shoes are not nearly as ugly in person as they are on the website.  They also had another new shoe displayed.  The Franciscan is a monk-strap on the 333 last with a brogue captoe.  They only had it in black, but I was intrigued.
  Excellent.  I am looking forward to seeing them.  If I wanted additional spares, how would I order that?
Luxire, have the larger buttons come in yet?  I am getting close to placing a second order and would like to have those in before I do.  BTW, the current buttons are holding up very well for me.  I am pleased with the quality.  
Lots of big guys here.   I am 6'7".  David recommended 66" in grenadine grossa.  I insisted on 68" wanting to make sure it was long enough.  It is borderline too long.  66" would have been better.  But in the future I will stick with 68" for a non-grenadine tie where I want the option of four in hand or half-windsor.  David also recommended 4" width and that is perfect.   Moral of the story is to ask David and trust his recommendations.
  I don't think that is an appropriate request.  Ebay listings are fully public and subject to discussion.  I appreciate hohneokc's effort to bring us his discovery.  It definitely added to the conversation and purpose of this thread.
  I agree.  I think AE is missing the boat.  So much of their high end selection is MTO these days, why not increase the flexibility of offerings instead of limiting them.
  I would say that the determining factor would be how big you are and what style you like.   I got my first Hober right before Xmas.  I am 6'7" with a 54" chest and long torso.  After consulting with David, I went with 68" length and 4" width (Midnight Blue Grenadine Grossa).  David advised going a bit shorter as grenadine stretches.  After getting the tie, I can see how David was right and I should have gone a bit shorter.  My fault but not a big deal.  The width is...
  Disappointingly uninspired. 
  Nice.  Are those shell or calf?
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