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  Wow!  Gorgeous!  Was it decided that is *Dark* Brown shell?
  I am curious as to the requests others have made in response to this generous offer.  Personally I toyed with the idea of a brown shell Macneil, but have not yet decided.  My most recent trip to the NC outlet netted 3 pairs, including a pair of Merlot Adams, so the April shoe budget is spent!   Additionally, I would like to encourage Paul and AE to expand the MTO program.  As a size 15, I typically wait to receive...
  As instigator on the larger buttons, I want to offer extreme praise to Luxire for executing on my request.  I just got my first order with the larger buttons and they are awesome!  Big, thick, heavy with great color.  Worth the upgrade for sure!
  I have never read the instructions.  That makes sense.  I have too much build up on some of my shoes.  Does anyone have a good tip for stripping excess edge dressing?
harlequin782, with all due respect, your presumptions are way off base. I promise you that these webgems are not subsidized by other models.I would guess that one of the reasons the webgems tend to be more aggressively different is so that they do not cannibalize traditional sales, especially at retailers. The webgems surely have higher cost of materials, and maybe even labor, but as a direct only MTO sale, there are no carrying costs or discounts to retail to worry about....
  I had somewhat the same thought.  The casual offerings far outnumber the fabrics worthy of dress shirts.  The quality of construction is worthy of very good dress shirts.  I would like to see more true dress shirt fabrics in the $100 range.
  Interesting.  I don't have Neumoks, but in the Cronmok I got a better fit than the standard calf 5-Last shoes.  McAllisters and Park Avenues are a bit snug, but the Cronmoks are perfect.  I think it really depends on your foot shape, not size.  Given OP description, I would tend to recommend sticking with the same as you buy in other 5-last and hope for the best.
  Wow!  Which polish did you use?
  Any word on the Pasedena loafer on the 333 last?
  Good list.   I will add a request for more non-wingtip boot options in general.  Especially in shell.  And if shell is MTO anyway, how about increasing the make-up options, colors, styles, etc.
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