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 I too wish we could get a clear answer on this.  IIRC the Horween color designation of cappuccino was actually truffle.  I can see AE trying out a new similar color that would be somewhere between the legacy brown and cappuccino that would be more plentiful.  Or maybe it is a different finish on the brown shell that would resemble cappuccino, similar to the change in the burgundy earlier this year.
  I love my walnut Jeffersons.  I also have the Cappuccino McCallisters, which are or the lighter side.  I do not have a dark brown wingtip, so somewhere in the next 4 weeks, I will weaken enough to order the webgem Jeffersons. I will have a wife issue.
Love the Jefferson! Do we think this is the standard brown shell that has been on the Strand for years or has AE switched something up?
Great request.  I'd like to see pictures of that myself.  I have a pair of Truffle (cappuccino) Shell Macallisters but no strands to compare.  I've always thought my Macallisters were on the light side of the scale, but have never seen another pair IRL. Anyone have both?
There used to be one outside Palm Springs. I was there 9 years old on my honeymoon.
My question would be "how?" Will AE do this as part of Paul's deal? I have the burgundy cordovan belt and love it! I cannot find a good match for my cappuccino McCalisters. That would be awesome!
Those absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!Question: IRL do they appear that dark? The cappuccino Macallisters that I have from last year are more of a medium brown. Definitely lighter than the brown shell strands. You seem to have a bit of red in there too. I love that color.
Rare outing for the Cappuccino Shell McAllisters I picked up this past Christmas.  (Thanks again Bucksfan!)  Something about spring has me really digging these shoes!  
  Your thoughts were similar to mine.  I would like the AE version of the Alden Longwing Blucher in cigar.   [[SPOILER]]   Trying to picture the MacNeil didn't quite get me there.  Maybe a shell version of the Larchmont with a reverse welt double sole?  The 333 last fits me great.  Does anyone else have an idea?
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