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  Nice!  Are those short wings?
 Can I join the party?  I has a closet full of AE 15D.  Although as the years have gone by I have grown into a 15E sometimes depending on the last.   Check out the Carlyle from yesterday!
 I think you should shoot a picture back to Allison for consultation on the hump/fold.  If you are willing to wait for the redo, then send it back.  That type of fold will not develop with normal wear.  On the plus side, if you choose to keep it, I doubt anyone will ever notice. Very nice makeup btw.  The Independence leather, especially in walnut, is a significant upgrade.
 Great looking makeup!  The color looks significantly darker than my Cappuccino Macallisters.  I like that shade a lot! 
Jealous! I was told that couldn't be done.
 Have you asked Allison if they have started production?  I am sure many would be interested in assuming the spot if not locked into those exact specs.
The 2-222 last is very low volume. There aren't many current models left that are based on it, but outlets should have more models available. The end of that article mentioned a new shade too.  
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