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Thank you.
Greetings,   Has anyone successfully shortened an Allen Edmonds belt, namely the Wide Basic Dress one? After a search, I saw that a belt can be easily shortened if there's a screw but more challenging if it's stitched, and the AE appears to be stitched. After talking to my tailor, she would need to see it to know if she could shorten it, which worries me that this isn't an automatic sort of thing. Any help is much appreciated.     Thanks, mp
After reading the internet for hours I had to get others' opinions on my situation. I was measured a 9D and 8.5 (slightly wide) on the Brannock device at the Allen Edmonds store. I want Strands so it's the 5 last. After trying various sizes and widths going downward I'm awaiting a pair of 7EEs to be shipped that may be the best fit. Is it weird that there's such a disparity between the Brannock sizing and my supposed final sizing?   The resistance that I've received...
Was this recently? If so I think the great customer service that AE is known for is suspect at this specific store.
Has anyone been to the AE store in Short Hills, NJ, recently? I found that both salespeople heavily resisted my desire to size down from the Brannock device size. On the other hand they've taken care of all my needs but the attitudes that I've encountered have been far from ideal. Whether it was their intention or not I've left feeling stupid, second-guessing that I don't know what a proper fit feels like. They seemed frustrated while I tried on the various sizes. I just...
Holy crap I'm having the same issues! Did you work out a solution?   The salesperson sized my right foot as 9D and the left as 8.5 and slightly wide. Same deal as you where the 9D (trying on Strands all throughout) accommodated width nicely but the length was far too much. I settled on 8.5D and wore them outside all day yesterday. With a tight lacing my heels still lift out and I believe it's because my feet are sliding forward.   I tried on a 7.5E today at the...
Of the three Uniqlo stores in NYC, does anyone think there's a 'best' one in terms of selection and availability of size?
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