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That is one awesome jacket/shirt-combination. Details on the jacket?
I can not see myself wearing those jacket but the squares are proper porn. I will get at least two or three of them.
Yeah, the easiest way is to just move the button. You don't need much extra space so it won't screw the proprtions or the look of the collar.
If you are new to the world of socks I would recommend Pantherella. The best site I have found so far is Woods of Shropshire. I buy all my socks from them.
Definitely black trousers to herringbone.
www.bergbergstore.com   I have an excellent wallet in caramel suede. Handstitching, nice, soft suede and practical. That for a very reasonable price. Especially now when it is on sale. I am actually thinking about buying a second one.
And I thought my $600 Oliver Peoples were high end :(   How could you possibly need 12 fittings? I could see one or maybe two beeing necessary. 12 is just ridiculous.
Unless of course he has a somewhat unique body type. I myself am 6 foot 6 and if I am supposed to get a proper length on the jacket I have to go MTO.   If you are of normal length and don't look like Jay Cutler och Christian Bale in the machinist, you are better of with RTW that you get tailored. Especially in that price range.  
Is there really 5 months of waiting for a pair of MTO? 
It really is a shame that you don't have more in 41.  
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