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Anybody interested in a Brown Suede Bal boot with speed hooks?   I am looking for a nice new boot for Autumn and a full suede boot sounds pretty nice before full winter strikes southern Sweden. I am thinking either York or Dainite. Maybe this color?
That is one tight suit. The cut really is not for you. Your torso looks ridiculous.Nice shoes though and the colors are good.
I have heard two stories.   Number one: Double breasted just works better in the army because there is not as much fabric flying around when you are standing in the middle of a field. All of it is secured by buttons.   Number two is an extension of number one I guess. In the navy you were quite exposed to wind. Also, you often stood in the same place for hours. If you were unlucky, the wind would then blow straight into your coat. Unless you buttoned it the other...
I definitley think those are rockable. I guess it is a matter of taste and style but most of my pants are about that length. 
That is one awesome jacket/shirt-combination. Details on the jacket?
I can not see myself wearing those jacket but the squares are proper porn. I will get at least two or three of them.
Yeah, the easiest way is to just move the button. You don't need much extra space so it won't screw the proprtions or the look of the collar.
If you are new to the world of socks I would recommend Pantherella. The best site I have found so far is Woods of Shropshire. I buy all my socks from them.
Definitely black trousers to herringbone.   I have an excellent wallet in caramel suede. Handstitching, nice, soft suede and practical. That for a very reasonable price. Especially now when it is on sale. I am actually thinking about buying a second one.
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