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Got my brisbane moss shirts today and I have to say that it is som really nice fabrics. I ordered three shirts, mid blue, light blue and lilac; and I am really happy with the softness and overall feel.. I will order more of them tonight, together with a couple of pants.
It is chocolate brown plain linen. They don't seem to have it anymore.
I stayed home from the beach today to receive my first pair of pants. I must say I am impressed by Luxire. To deliver this kind of service and these pants for under $100 is amazing. Thank you @EFV for the help. I pretty much stole your desing and made some minor adjustments.  
I would most probably sign up on that one too.
Thanks a lot! I am really psyched to get those trousers.
That is it. I am getting those pants. I really like the width of the waistband, although I am probably going to do a pair with single button closing instead. Do you mind giving the order-# by the way?
Exactly the answer I wanted. Thank you!
 Wonderful shoes!How do you feel about the sizing? I have been considering a Cambridge for ages but I have always found some other boot. Now I am thinking of getting myself an early christmas present but I am unsure of the sizing. Can you compare them to something else you own?
So, I decided to make a grand entrance into the challenges. I've been lurking for a while but haven't really found a challenge I like.   This is something I wore to a birthday party, a couple of days ago, in the countryside of southern Sweden. Please don't hate the watch. Me and my friend had a bit too much to drink and decided it would be fun to put it over the cuff.   Anyway, the jacket is silk, linen and wool, the shirt is seersucker and the pants are just really light...
Alfred Sargent Cambridge is my next boot, I think.   A very nice alternative to the C&J Coniston and I'm pretty sure that it can handle what mother earth decides to throw at it.
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